The Small And Lovely Nokia 8310 Phone

Who remembers this phone? The Nokia 8310 is a real classic mobile phone. I never owned one, but I have had several 8210's over the years. I think the 8310 is / was the newer, more advanced model. The names and model numbers give it away! I don't think it was more advanced though on a feature level, but both phones are really basic by today's standards.

They still have everything the average person would need. You can call and text, play a few games (Including Snake II), and they have a pretty good battery life. Not forgetting the fact that they are also nice and small. The 8310 even has Infrared and an FM radio built in. What more could you tech-freaks want! Check out the video below for a quick look at this phone.

I actually prefer the Nokia 8210. It's a shame really that neither model has a loudspeaker option as that is something I need in a mobile phone. I hate putting the phone to my ear. Of course, there's always a hands free kit but that's a bit of a pain to carry around all the time, wires etc.

With Smartphones tracking your every move there has been a big increase in people buying these mobile phones, particularly the 8210 because they do not have all the "cool", big brother technology packed into them that makes it extremely easy for certain organisations to track your every move.

Some people think its just individuals that have something to hide like drug dealers, pimps and other low lifers who want / need phones that are harder to follow, but that isn't necessarily the case. "Normal people" who give a f**k about their privacy also don't want to be tracked constantly. What is this, George Orwell's - 1984. Well, basically yeah. The disguised version.

Did you know that in some "Smartphones", every time you take a picture with the phone, hidden within the code of that picture is the location co-ordinates, time, date and everything else that tells "them", whoever they are, absolutely everything about when and where the picture was taken.. That is also the case when making / receiving a call, texting, Whatsapping and whatever else you do on your Smartphone. If the phone is turned on it's basically a tracking beacon. Technology's just great isn't it!. Yeah, just perfect.... For surveillance.

There are Apps you can get if you want some anonymity for when browsing the Internet on your phone. Look for Orbot Tor for Android,  Orweb, proxy app for android or VPN Android applications. These are just a few. Some are free. Anything by The Tor Project is hard to track, very hard. 

However, for the other big brother tracking methods talked about above, like picture location / creation you will need other software / coding experience, and also a phone that has been rooted in order to go deep into the settings / framework. And there was you thinking that because I own a non-Smartphone I don't know s**t about Smartphones!. One of the reasons why I don't own one is because I know what they are capable of. Not that I've got anything to hide, but I also don't like having my every move monitored either. Does anyone?

This post was meant to be about the 8310 and it's turned into a lesson on Smartphone security and surveillance! So sorry, but I'm not deleting it now, it's going live! "What started out as a joke has ended in disaster"..Or something along those lines. Robbed from Rocky 4 when Apollo gets punched to death by Ivan Drago. The 8310 and 8210 are both great phones, much better than those tracking devices they call Smartphones.

Yeah, they're smart alright. I do not own a Smartphone. They're too nosey. One negative about the 8310 is its fairly high SAR level. Other than that its a brilliant little phone. Have a good day, and be sure to pop back here at some point to tell me what 90's movie this quote is from.."Don't forget me"..

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