Punkt MP01 Phone UK - Don't Get Punked

There appears to have been a trend going on for the last year where people who are usually Smartphone reliant now want to downgrade their level of pocket technology to that of just a basic phone. The phone of choice for the ever-so materialistic "you better have the right stuff or we can't be friends" brigade, is the Punkt MP01 (And also the MP02 4G). This seems to be one phone that is actually accepted as cool enough to be given a pass. Your average Samsung or Nokia Brick just won't cut the mustard. Even though the much cheaper Samsung's and Teak tough Nokia's are actually the much better phones overall.

Punkt "Dumb Phones" Costs More Than Some Smartphones

If you're too mind-frazzled, or still in a daze from the Smartphone days to not realise that your Punkt MP01 is basically telling you in it's brand name that you just got Punked for paying such a ridiculous price for a phone that looks like a calculator, then there is not much hope left for you. Don't get me wrong, I love basic phones, but what can the Punkt MP01 do that a cheaper alternative can't.. Nothing.

I'll tell you what it can do, it can leave you reaching in your pocket and only feeling your leg! By the way, they're not calling them basic phones anymore, they're now calling them Dumb phones. Dumb phones that cost the same amount to buy as a top of the range Smartphone. Is it really the phone that's dumb?.. Or the people who are buying them..

The Punkt MP01's start up screen shows a Bird. An attempt at coolness perhaps. Or a snidey way to imply that you just got roasted.. I don't care if it does have a Gorilla Glass screen and comes in a fancy black box. Have you seen how many times a Nokia 3310 can be bounced off the floor without suffering any irreversible damage. And even if it does get smashed to bits, a new case / cover and all is well again. A wise man once said: Smartphone's can be summed up in three words.. Surveillance, conditioning, reliance. It may well be true.

Punkt MP01 and MP02 Have Hundreds Of Cheaper Alternatives

You do not need to spend silly money on a basic phone in order to unplug from your Smartphone induced fever. That's just a marketing trick aimed at taking more money from you while you are under the influence of impressive social engineering. Pulling the plug from this mobile crazed world that now refuses to accept anything less than a 24 hour digital revelation into your life, and a constant update on all the things that don't really matter requires no money outlay at all really. Distractions distractions.. Just some self control and, well, maybe £10 or £20. But you can get that money back.

And now the Six O'clock news: Want to go back to basics? This is what you do. If you want to that is. Buy a cheap Samsung phone. Or even a little Nokia 8310. They are between £10 - £25 (UK money). Then, get your Smartphone and literally try to snap it in half with your bare hands. Nah, don't do that. Make some money from it. List it for sale on eBay. You should get a decent price for it. Use the money to replenish the £10 or £20 you spent on the basic phone, and the rest of the doe is your spending money.

I hope you weren't coming here to read reviews on the Punkt MP01? Or even worse, how to apply certain functions on the phone..Because that would mean you really did get punked! Send it back and stop being so brainwashingly gullible.I thought you had better cognitive function than that.

➡ Not worth reading: The only reason the video above is on this page is because I needed a thumbnail image for the popular posts widget in the sidebar (looks out of place without one) and couldn't be bothered to hunt around for a picture of the MP01 that I would be allowed to use.. Note: I got to 1:07 and never went any further. It hurts me to promote such a product. Even if I'm not saying anything good about it.

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overpriced overhyped trash

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