Older Nokia 3210 Mobile Phone For Sale

older nokia vintage handset There are lots of up to date mobile phones to choose from when it comes to the cheap basic phones of today. There’s no shortage of excellent budget priced Samsung’s and Nokia’s for sale starting from as cheap as £10 brand new. But step back in time and do a little Google searching and you will find that some of the absolute classic older mobile phones, like the Nokia 3210 (Pictured), 3310, 8210, and 8310 are still very much alive and kicking.

They are retro and nostalgic, but still very usable, even in today’s world of Smartphones. Some people prefer to use the older handsets over the more expensive models. The GSM Nokia 3210 is one of the most popular phones in cellular history, selling well over 150 Million units worldwide. This phone was one of the corner stones of the Nokia phone empire at the time. Today the 3210 is looked at as ever-so basic, but back in the day it was revolutionary.

Very long battery duration, no visible aerial (big breakthrough at the time), changeable phone (fascia) covers / cases, different keypads, unmatched durability for the time period, and the super popular Snake game, all in a small and relatively cheaply priced phone. It has a total of 3 games: Snake, Memory, and Rotation. Even today, the Nokia 3210 is considered as one of the best older phones to buy if you want something cheap and cheerful, with some old school character, to use for basic tasks.

If you want some green screen in your life, the 3210 can provide it for a low price. It has SMS (send texts), takes a mini-sim card, an alarm, and even has a Ringtone Composer. You can also download ringtones to the phone. Of course, this is a very basic phone so it doesn’t have many of the up to date features that many phones have today. It doesn’t have a loudspeaker, Bluetooth or a camera. And some models don’t even have built-in vibration.

But, if you’re after a cheap retro phone to use for calls and texts, do you really need all those things.. Probably not. For basic phone lovers, the 3210 is really all you need. Price wise, they are very cheap, costing between £7 - £15 on eBay.

Cheap Unlocked Nokia 1100 Mobile Phone

low priced older mobileThe Nokia 1100 is one of the best mobile phones that Nokia have ever produced. This is evident by how many of this model phone Nokia have sold worldwide. Hundreds of millions of Nokia 1100 phones have been sold worldwide. Of course, the quantities sold per year have dropped dramatically since the Smartphone age has dawned upon us. Also, with the phone not being produced anymore, buying used or refurbished are the only two options if you want to buy one.

For the people who don’t care about owning a new cellphone, or being a part of the Smartphone epidemic, and actually prefer to have a simple, easy to use mobile phone, the Nokia 1100 is still very much alive and sought after. It’s a great, retro alternative to the many up-to-date budget phones of today. And, of course, a smart alternative to a Smartphone. Who needs one of them, right? You can buy a 1100 unlocked for a cheap price on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

It’s a mean, green screen machine! The Nokia 1100 is known for its cheap price, toughness and long battery life. But there’s more. This phone has the games Snake II and Space Impact+. And, unlike the cheap Samsung phones that have a light that is just the screen turned white, the Nokia 1100 has a real torch in the form of an actual L.E.D bulb that’s located at the top of the phone (Built-in).

This is a great feature that offered a really good light source for the time period. Obviously, Smartphones nowadays have better lights/torches, but if you want a basic phone with a good torch-light, the Nokia 1100 is the one to go for. The most popular colour was grey with black (Pictured) due to that being the colour that mostly came with the phone direct from Nokia manufacturers. But there are lots of cool cases and back covers to choose from like blue, yellow, green and red.

The durability of these phones is also very impressive. Some people have owned and used this phone for a decade and it’s still going strong. Have you seen how many complaints there are for Smartphones breaking? Most of them are expensive but flimsy, and won’t last long if you’re someone like me, who’s a bit clumsy and drops their phone every now and then. Battery Life? Don’t even go there. Yep, as you probably guessed, I use a basic phone myself because they are much more durable, and if it does break it doesn’t cost much to replace.

One negative about the 1100 is the plastic (Silicon) keypad. If you have nails, over time they can start to dig through the plastic and also fade the buttons. The fading buttons will happen over time whether you have nails or not. But this is easily fixed because when you buy a new case / cover it comes with a new set of buttons (keypad) included. SAR Level is slightly high @ 0.73 W/kg.

I’m just nitpicking really. It’s a great basic phone that can be snapped up for very cheap indeed (under £10 used). Don’t follow the shallow as s%*t materialistic crowd that requires you to have the latest phone or you’re not cool anymore. Yawn, whatever. Be different, or at least, be you.

Retro Used Nokia 8210 Phone For Sale UK

Retro Used Nokia 8210 Phone For Sale UK
The Nokia 8210 was one of the smallest mobile phones when it first came out in 1999. They were all the rage in the UK during the 1990’s. It’s very compact phone, stylish, and very slim. The battery life is also pretty decent considering it’s an older phone, made at a time when some mobile phone battery’s barely lasted the day!.

The Nokia 8210 has all the features that someone who just wants a nice basic small phone that can send texts and make phone calls would ever need. It also has the time, alarm clock, calculator, text delivery reports, and an Infra Red Port. You can buy one used and SIM Free from either eBay or Amazon (UK, USA and Canada. However, looking at the prices on Amazon and its clear that sellers think the 8210 they are selling is made of solid gold or something. They are going for much much cheaper on eBay UK.

It doesn’t look all that retro when you first look at it, but once you see the green screen you’ll know that the 8210 is old skool. The Nokia 8210 Mobile Phone is quite deceiving though because all you need to replace in order to get an old Nokia 8210 looking new again is a brand new phone cover. There are thousands of different types available, from plain colours like red and yellow, to Union Jack designs, Star Wars, Gothic designs, Reggae designs, the list of designs is endless. Plain original Nokia Fascia housings, such as the black and blue, look the most professional. Red examples are quite nice also.

One of the best things about this phone is its size. It is nice and small even by today's standards. But thinking about it, don’t you think we have gone a bit backwards in terms of mobile phone sizes? I mean, yeah, mobile phones now have more features than ever before, Cameras, Video, Music, thousands of Apps, Operating Systems etc, but in the process of fitting all that technology into a mobile phone, the actual size of the phone itself has increased dramatically.

Nokia 8210 Compared to Smartphones

Have you seen some of the latest mobile phones recently? They are massive! And the battery life of these high-tech phones, don’t even go there. In some ways it’s ridiculous. We seem to have gone backwards in those two areas. Many more features but we have to sacrifice with a huge phone that has a terrible battery life. Obviously, not all phones are this way but the most advanced ones seem to be.

A lot of people, including myself, prefer a phone that is easier to live with. The Nokia 8210 certainly falls into this category. They have the nostalgic factor also. Some Nokia 8210’s were made with dual SIM capability, which basically means they can house two fully operational SIM cards in one phone. The SAR level / rate is between 0.74W/kg – 1 W/kg depending on what source you look at. This SAR level is decent for such an old phone. Most will be unlocked to all networks, and if not, it’s easy to unlock them.

Nokia 8210 Reported Problems

Although most Nokia 8210’s are reliable, and the phone as a whole has great reviews, there have been some reports of a few faults. Occasional screen freezes, jumbled screen text, screen fade, screen sometimes goes off when trying access the menu, and also some reports of speaker / microphone problems. These are all old issues and should be sorted out now, specially if you are buying a refurbished Nokia 8210 off Amazon or eBay. They sell used from anywhere between £10 – £40 in the UK, which is a decent price. There is also a Nokia 8310, which is slightly bigger than this model. See it here.

Other Considerations

Also, due to the 8210 being an older phone, if you’re considering buying a used Nokia 8210 and it doesn’t come with a new battery, it’s recommended that you buy a new one to get the best battery life possible. As you can imagine, using a battery that’s had over a decade of use isn’t going to hold a charge very well. Other than these issues the Nokia 8210 is a great little retro Mobile phone that will serve you well. The Nokia is also more “Big Brother” proof than a lot of the phones produced these days, less easier to track and trace. Overall this is a great little vintage phone for those who don't need, or want all the features that owning a Smartphone offers.

Pantech C320 Curved Banana Mobile Phone

White Slide PhoneWith so many cheap phones out there for sale, why bother with the Pantech C320? Well, this phone is for the people who want a cheaply priced handset that doesn’t look the same as the other million and one phones that the rest of the “I only need a cheap phone” crowd are using.

This phone has a bit more style than that. It’s literally curved! The shape is reminiscent of the old Nokia 8110 Banana that was made super famous because it was featured in the excellent, thought-provoking film, The Matrix.

Of course, this one has a completely different outer shell housing. However, this is one of its stand out features. Feels great in the hand and fits the mould of the head and face really well when putting it to your ear to make or take a call. Now, you would think with such a cheap phone that the features are terrible and the build quality is a joke. But you would be wrong.

For the price, this is actually a really good little phone, with some nice, up to date features. It even has a good quality build and a two-inch 262K TFT display. Bear in mind, this phone is literally £20 – £30 brand new. For the novelty of owning something that little bit different, it’s well worth considering. The reviews are predominantly positive.

The Pantech C320 Slide takes a “normal” size mini SIM and works on most UK Networks (Unlocked). Won’t work with 3G. In terms of features it has a 1.3 Mega pixel camera (Can also record video), MicroSD card slot, Bluetooth, Micro USB port, Speakerphone, Radio, MP3 Player, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a 770mAh battery.

Don’t get me wrong, this is no iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Edge S6, but for the money it’s well worth buying one in order to have something that stands out a little from the rest. Great as a back up or cheap primary phone. And equally good as a gift for someone who likes something a bit different.

Qmart Q1 Credit Card Sized Mini Phone

Q1 SlimIf you’re looking for something small and super thin, that’s cheap to buy, and a little bit different to what most people are using the Qmart Q1 Credit Card Sized Mini Mobile Phone is a really good choice. There are a few various models of these credit card phone for sale, such as the AEKU M5, but the Qmart Q1 is the thinnest yet at just 4 millimetres, which is incredibly thin for a mobile phone.

Fair enough, it’s not as thin as an actual credit card, it’s about 4 – 5 times as thick, but that is still very impressive. The Q1 has a retro blue and light orange TFT screen display, and the screen is super tiny at around 1 inch! Most people you show this phone to will never have seen one before so they are great if you want something quite unique.

The Qmart Q1 is very small and discreet and has many of the basic features of a standard phone. Of course, you can call and text, but other than those standard features it also has a built-in radio, Bluetooth capability, memory card slot, and an MP3 player. The radio requires headphones to work.

The phone is GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), so should have no problem working with most of the standard UK networks SIM cards other than 3G. The Qmart Q1 is also noted for it’s fairly impressive battery life, which has a standby time of around a week with minimal phone use. Talk time is approx 3 – 5 hours. It charges by USB (cable included). This could be one of the contenders for best mini novelty phone when you consider the cheap price and good buyer reviews.

The Qmart Q1 is available in lots of different colours, including Blue, Pink, Purple, Black (Pictured), and Gold. At such a cheap price the Q1 is an excellent little compact, unique mobile phone that is perfect as a backup, or even as your main phone if want a really thin phone that’s super easy to carry around, simple to use, and you’re not bothered about keeping up with the Jones’ by owning the latest and greatest cellphone that has just hit the market.

The Q1 is for people who want something not many people will have. If you’re looking for one of these phones in White then you may have to buy it’s fatter twin brother, the AEKU M5, which is slightly thicker by half a millimetre. However, this model, the AEKU M5 is available in pure White, and also with a few different colour trims such as Pink, Green and Blue. Looking for something thicker, but still tiny, take a look at the Secret Car Key Fob Phone (linked to above) or the J8 Finger Sized Phone.

Samsung GT E1080i Phone Problem Fixes

From reading through some of the bad reviews on the Samsung GT E1080i, I see that some of the same issues keep coming up time and time again. People are having problems with certain features of the phone. Before addressing some of those I should point out, that most of the reviews for this phone are excellent.

The phone is worthy of good reviews, as it is a very good phone for the price (I own one). However, there is some confusion among buyers with a few of the features. Hopefully, this post will help sort some of those common problems out.

Common problems that users are finding confusing.

Problem: Occasionally switches off overnight:  Fix: Turn off power saving mode as this can make the phone turn itself off automatically when not in use for a number of hours. Click OK to go to the main menu. Click Settings > Display > Power Saving Mode > Click Off and press save.

Problem: Can't turn off predictive text when trying to send a text: Fix: Turn off the T9 predictive text dictionary by pressing and holding down the hash key whilst on the writing a text screen. If this doesn’t work try just pressing the hash key a few separate times until it disables predictive text.

Problem: Fake call doesn’t work: How to activate a fake call. To activate a fake call just press and hold the down position on the navigation pad until you see the “fake call activated” text show up on the screen. You can also set how long you want the phone to wait before the fake call starts ringing. To do this press OK to go to the main menu > click Settings > Application > Call > Fake Call > Click Fake call timer and set the duration you want. Now all you need to do when you want to activate the fake call is press and hold down on the Navigation pad for two seconds.

The navigation pad is the four directional buttons that surround the "OK" button in the middle of the phone, in case your unsure! And that’s it, depending on how long you set the timer for the phone will ring after the timer has counted down. If you want to use the Fake call when the keypad is locked, just press down on the Navigation pad four times one after the other and that will activate the Fake call to be enabled.

What is the Samsung GT E1080i Radiation SAR Level? The maximum SAR recorded for the Samsung E1080i was 0.645 Watts Per Kilogram (0.64 W/kg). This is a very low SAR level and this phone actually falls nicely into the middle of the top ten list for the lowest SAR level mobile phones in 2011 (Still a fairly low-level in 2017 / 2018). I should also add that 0.64W/kg was the highest SAR recorded for the E1080i, and most of the time the SAR level from normal use will be considerably lower than this.

Car Key Fob Novelty Secret Mobile Phone

These days most mobile phones that have all the latest features are the size of television remote controls. Yes, we now have more features packed into a mobile phone than ever before, but in exchange for all that technology mobile phones are actually getting bigger!
This is one of the things that is good about the novelty mobile phones. They have nowhere near the capabilities of the latest Smartphones, like the iPhone or Sony Xperia, but they are so small, cute and easy to carry around that they do hold a lot of appeal.

And, other than the miniature size and fob disguise being the two main highlights and selling points, this BMW car key fob design phone, which is mostly made from plastic, is not without some decent features either. Rest assured, you can use it to call and text of course, just in case you were wondering.

It has a colour screen, mp3 player, memory card slot, hands free speaker, voice recorder, alarm, a phonebook capable of storing 500 numbers, and will work with any UK SIM card except 3G (Takes a Micro SIM). It’s not the best colour screen in terms of resolution but it’s good enough to use without any issues. This phone charges via USB cable, which is included.

The reviews for the BMW KEY FOB MOBILE PHONE are generally quite good. The rating is just below 4 out of a possible 5 stars. But there are a few customers that had various problems, mostly due to quality control issues by the sounds of it. Be aware of the fact that this phone is made in China, so each batch of phones are hit and miss.


You might get 10 phones that are in perfect working order and will last a long time, which in turn will generate positive reviews, and then you may get some phones that will have a few faults or might not last as long as it should. Luck of the draw I suppose.

But going on the amount of positive reviews your chances of getting a good one are considerably higher than getting a faulty one. Excellent as a back up emergency phone, using for work, or taking on a night out so you don’t risk smashing the expensive smart phone. This phone can come with or without the BMW branding. The BMW branded version is not pictured here, but it is for sale on websites such as eBay and Amazon. So the choice is yours. Makes a great gift.

The J8: One Of The Smallest Cellphones

There are quite a few mobile phones out there that claim to own the title of “The worlds smallest cellphone”. Which one is actually the smallest? With there being so many company’s and manufacturers bringing out new mobile phones almost every month, in so many different countries (predominantly Asia), and with so many of those phones never being made available in the UK or USA, who knows for sure. One things for sure, the J8 Beat The Boss mobile phone is tiny! It is around the same size as an adults index finger!


A phone this size is a great novelty item. But the J8 is more than that. If you show this phone to your friends they probably won’t believe you when you say this is a real mobile phone, but they will be shocked when you actually make a call on it in front of them. It really is a fully functional cellphone which has some good little features for such a small, lightweight phone.

Of course, the J8 can send and receive text and make / receive calls. It has a nice keypad and will apparently work with any UK phone network except 3G. It takes a micro sized SIM card. The J8 by Long-CZ is capable of storing around 500 contacts and even has a built-in radio. Who needs to spend over £200 on what is considered a "trendy dumb phone" called the Punkt MP01 when you can buy one of these, which in my opinion is much better. And a lot cheaper.

Talk time (3-5 hours) and stand by time (Around 4 days) are also pretty good. However, the best feature of this phone is that it can double up as a Bluetooth Headset and even comes with the loop so it can be attached to your ear. The phone weighs under 20 grams and is made from mostly plastic.


Customer reviews are mostly positive, although there are a few people who complain about the build quality. It says Long-CZ on the screen, which is a company located in China. One thing to be aware of with this phone is that the micro SIM card has to be inserted into the phone upside down, which makes you think that some, but not all of the reviews that said the SIM doesn’t work, or the phone display says “insert SIM card” when it’s already in the phone, were probably written because the buyers weren’t aware of the SIM having to be put into the phone upside down.

Be aware: The quality control for this item probably isn’t the best and it can be the luck of the draw as to whether you get a phone that’s fault free or has a few problems. Most customers are happy, but it’s just something you should be aware of.

There are other very small phones out there that are also cheap to buy and have a good rating like this one. The one shaped like a car key fob is well worth a look. It’s not as long as this one but is thicker and weighs a little more.

I will be posting a mini-review about it soon. The J8 is a great phone for the price. Perfect as a novelty item, backup / spare, or to be used as a secret mobile phone! It's also available in white. If you want to buy one just go to Amazon or eBay and type in either "J8 Beat The Boss" or "Long-CZ J8". You should find many on there for sale. Looking for a normal sized, cheap basic phone? Take a look at one of the budget Samsung phones.

Samsung E1120 Mobile Phone Quick Review

The Samsung E1120 was first introduced in early 2009. It is a very basic "Candy Bar" mobile phone and was made for people who prefer a basic phone with basic features that is also very durable and easy to use. It ticks all those boxes. And even today, people who are looking for a budget phone could do a lot worse than a Samsung E1120.

Sadly, Samsung no longer make the E1120 mobile phone so if you want to buy one you will have to buy one used. There is no shortage of used examples for sale online. You can find one on eBay for really cheap, like £5 – £10. Although, for a little bit extra money you can buy one of the newer budget phones like the E1080i and E1200. Those two can still be bought brand new also. These three are all comparable to each other. And it really comes down to personal preference as to which want you choose. They are similar in terms of price, features and display.

Yes, you can buy the two mentioned phone models for a little more money, but the E1120 has close to all the features that the E1080i and E1200 have. So if you have the chance to get one for cheap its well worth considering. The E1120 is smaller than the other models too.

Feature wise, It has a torch-light (Screen turned completely white), 5 alarms, timer, stopwatch, memo pad, call reject list (10), calendar, calculator, auto-lock keypad, phone book (200 numbers) and a loudspeaker. It also comes installed with the Sudoku game. And lets not forget about the battery life of the E1120 phone. Due to the low power consumption, the 3.7 V 800mAh Li-ion battery lasts a very long time.

Of course, by today's standards this really is just a basic phone that is perfect for calling and texting but not much else in the way of entertainment. However, people don’t buy the E1120 for that reason. This no frills phone is for people who don’t care about having the latest features like WiFi, GPS, picture-taking, and WhatsApp (chatting software if you’re not aware) on hand day in, day out. It’s just a normal phone!

Not so good things about the Samsung E1120. The screen resolution (65K) is rather bad, as should be expected on such a cheap phone. Buttons can be a little hard to press. And the SAR Level is slightly on the high side for such a basic phone at 0.81 W/kg. Other than that, for what it was made for, the E1120 is a serious little workhorse that will far outlast any Smartphone when it comes to battery life and durability.

Basic Samsung E1200 Cellphone Review

Samsung GT-E1200Samsung make some excellent phones. And as far as the cheaper budget phones go, it’s not too much of a push to say that Samsung are probably the best at delivering cheap phones that tick all the boxes. If you want something well-built, with basic features, that’s really simple to use and has an excellent battery life, Samsung is the brand you should be looking at. Yes, Nokia have some really good budget phones, and they used to rule the roost back in the day when it came to the cheap phones (And most of the expensive ones), but in 2017, the title definitely sits with Samsung.

The Samsung E1200 is testament to this. It’s super cheap to buy and has all the features needed if you just want no frills mobile phone that you can call and text on. With most of the cheaper Samsung phones, they are basic and perform the basics very well, but they do also have some other good qualities.

Both the Samsung E1080i and E1200 have the same hands free option where you can actually switch to hands free speaker mode before the other party has answered. This is not present on a lot of the slightly more expensive cellphones, including the Samsung E2600. Although not a feature that Samsung point out with the E1200, toughness is prevalent.

Samsung GT E1200 Quick Specification

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent battery life
  • Slim & Reliable
  • GSM 2G (Not 3G or 4G compatible)
  • TFT LCD Screen
  • 1.52 inch screen
  • Sar Level 0.81 W/kg

The phone can survive some serious knocks, drops and bangs. And because it’s so cheap to buy you may not treat it with the care it deserves, but it seems to like it rough and keeps on working without fault. This model has a very clear screen, and also has all the features that come as standard with the cheap Samsung phones like Memo pad, calendar, countdown timer, keypad lock, stopwatch, hands free option, calculator, alarm, torch mode. Reviews for the E1200 are mostly excellent.

Someone asked a question to customers on Amazon about whether the E1200 can block numbers, and all people who replied said no. But it can block numbers by adding them to the reject list. Most of the cheap Samsung’s have this feature. You can do this by simply selecting the number from the call list, click options and select “Add to reject list”.

Due to its price and ease of use the Samsung E1200 is also a great alternative to the slighter more expensive phones aimed at Senior Citizens, like the Binatone M250, TTfone Mercury, TTfone Dual 2, and the TTfone Venus TT700. For those not aware of how a SIM Free phone works, it basically comes without a SIM card so you can just take your SIM card out of your old phone, pop it into the new one and that’s it.

Your new mobile phone will now be using the phone number (SIM Card) that you previously had in your old cellphone. This is the same regardless of whether your SIM card is on a phone contract or on a Pay As You Go phone plan. Don't like the black? There's also a white version available.

Samsung E1080i SIM Free Phone Review

Basic Samsung E1080i
Samsung E1080i SIM Free mobile phone quick review. If you’re one of those people who can’t live without all the features that Smartphones offer, or have an image to uphold to your mates, then this phone is most probably not for you. For the rest of us who don’t care about all that stuff this is one of the best phones out there for the price. It’s extremely reliable, has a ridiculously long battery life, and is very simple to operate. The Samsung E1080i comes with an 800mAh battery, which is excellent.

A lot of phone batteries these days, when they get to the point where the battery meter on the phone screen is flashing and the phones about to die, they don’t have much time left and will cut off and power down fairly quickly. Not the case with the 800mAh that’s in the Samsung E1080i. It can just soldier on and give you vital minutes of talk time even when it’s critically low.

Yes, there are quite a few phones which claim to have the same battery life as the E1080i, but not many have that extra power in reserves. The 800mAh battery, coupled with the low energy output of the E1080i, can really drag it’s heels against powering down. Great feature to have.

Like many of the cheaper Samsung models which are unlocked, including the E1120, the Samsung E1080i works on most UK Networks. Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange (EE), all will work fine with this phone. 3G however, won’t work. This phone is mainly for just making and receiving calls and texts but it does also have a few useful features worth mentioning. It has a mobile tracker which can help find your phone if it’s lost or in the hands of a thief. The Fake Call option can be a useful tool for the right situations.

Just press and hold down the lower button on the directional pad and a fake call will be activated. You can change the duration of how long the phone should take before a fake call will start ringing from the fake call settings. This timer has 5 different durations which vary from 5 seconds to 3 minutes. The phone is set to take 30 seconds to ring once a fake call is activated by default.

The E1080i also has a Memo pad, calendar countdown timer, keypad lock, stopwatch, hands free speaker, calculator, 5 alarms, and a torch which is the screen turned white. You can also block numbers with this phone by adding them to the reject list. Although with the amount of spam calls these days the reject list limit of just 10 numbers really could have done with being increased to at least 50.

I mean, how much extra internal memory would have needed to be added in order to have a reject list that can store 50 - 100 phone numbers.. The answer is, not much at all. We're talking a few KB here. Hopefully, with the huge increase in spam / unsolicited calls, Samsung will role with the times and address this issue by adding a much bigger block list capacity on their future cheaper models.

The display, while perfectly usable, is pretty poor when compared to today's Smartphone standards, like it is on most phones that come in at under £20. The ring tones are standard at best. Keypad could be better. It is one complete piece of rubber which would be much better to use if the buttons were separate and made of harder plastic. Saying that, it is hard-wearing, and the phone overall can take some abuse.

This phone won’t blow you away with its features or design, but it is dependable, cheap to buy (Unlike some basic phones), and well suited for the simple tasks like calling and texting. SAR level is also fairly low at 0.64 W/kg. My one is still going strong after many years of service. It's been dropped countless times but it still just keeps on working. In my opinion, this is one of the best, and cheapest workhorse phones from Samsung.

Anything, just not a Smartphone

This is a non-Smartphone zone. They are not permitted here. If you're in possession of one, or even worse, are using one to view this website, I hope you consider flushing it down the toilet and getting yourself a more retro handset after reading this post. I recently read a story in a newspaper about some guy (a Smartphone user) who got stabbed and was bleeding out quite badly. He needed help, like, instantly.

So, losing blood and in a right panic, he pulled out his Smartphone to call himself an Ambulance, but couldn't use it because the blood on his hands from the stab wound had covered the surface of the phones screen. And because its touchscreen, this prevented him from being able to use the Smartphone to call for help.

Now, whether or not his panicked state led to him being too emotionally all over the place to make the call, I'm not sure. But do you think this would have happened with a non-Smartphone. Or at least, a phone with actual buttons. I doubt it. I mean yeah, he must have been in a right state, and no doubt have found it harder than usual to make the call.

Who wouldn't when your feeling light headed and all you can see is blood coming out in flow motion. But wow, to not even achieve the task at all thanks to the technology not working at its most vital time of need. If it wasn't such a serious story I'd say it was ironically hilarious. What a let down. I wanna find this phone, and I want to hurt it. That phone deserves to die a horrific death.

Look at it from this guys position. Here you have this "Smart" phone that can do everything except scratch your a** for ya (or can it?), and the one time you really need it for something other than to look at Facebook "friends" you've never met, or head down pretending to do something on it to avoid social awkwardness, it won't work. The now considered old, but not yet obsolete design of real buttons are much more reliable in real times of need, as they would have proved to be in this case.

This is just another example of why old school is, most of the time, better. And, another excuse for me to criticize the build quality and design flaws of Smartphones. I'm always putting them down. They deserve it. The amount I see on a weekly basis (no, I don't work for Carphone Warehouse) that are broken in some way is laughable. The most common fault being the classic character trait of Smartphones, the badge of phone brand dishonor, the cracked screen.

I wouldn't be surprised if this poor guy who was painting the town red owned a Smartphone that also had a cracked screen, and perhaps that had something to do with it being even more unusable when the blood covered it. Totally out of order, like a payphone with the mouthpiece removed. Yeah, Smartphones may have IP67 and IP68, but what use is that when they are so flimsy.

Fairly waterproof then, but obviously not blood proof enough to perform the most basic task of a "mobile phone", to make a call when your life depends on it. Phone Companies need to spend more time making a tougher, more durable product, rather than just using the type of materials usually reserved for disposable / throw away products, and then cramming them full of so many resource-sapping features that the battery lasts about an hour.

Did you know, Smartphone batteries are so appalling that there's a whole new market place that's been created just for them. What's that then? Well, it's this box-like thing that reminds me of when mobile phones first came out and you had to carry not only the phone (which sat on top), but a fridge sized battery pack with it. They were called a Transportable.

They have made a comeback for Smartphones. Now they're called Portable Battery Chargers. In 2017 - 2018, for one with a decent sized mAh capacity they are about the size of a slab of chocolate and charge the Smartphone battery when it inevitably runs out half way through the day.

The user is expected to carry this chocolate slab around in a bag, all day. Ready for when the times comes to recharge. Portable Battery Chargers are getting smaller, but you shouldn't need to carry any additional item around with you, regardless of size, so that your phone can successfully make it through the day. If you're going away to a festival or other event then yes, but not for your average work day.

The problem is, Smartphone batteries haven't evolved to anywhere near the same level as the technology now found in Smartphones. They aren't able to handle the demanding energy requirements, like Operating Systems, fast RAM, resource hungry Apps and audio / video playback that Smartphones are packed with. As a result, they drain very quickly. When it comes to mobile phones, old school is more dependable for the absolute, most crucial basics.

In other news: I haven't been updating this website that much. Actually, this is the first time this year. But I will be doing so more in the near future. I'll be posting some reviews on old Nokia's, basic Samsung's and also a few talking about some of the smallest cellphones currently out there for sale. Stay tuned.

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