Basic Samsung E1200 Cellphone Review

Samsung GT-E1200Samsung make some excellent phones. And as far as the cheaper budget phones go, it’s not too much of a push to say that Samsung are probably the best at delivering cheap phones that tick all the boxes. If you want something well-built, with basic features, that’s really simple to use and has an excellent battery life, Samsung is the brand you should be looking at. Yes, Nokia have some really good budget phones, and they used to rule the roost back in the day when it came to the cheap phones (And most of the expensive ones), but in 2017, the title definitely sits with Samsung.

The Samsung E1200 is testament to this. It’s super cheap to buy and has all the features needed if you just want no frills mobile phone that you can call and text on. With most of the cheaper Samsung phones, they are basic and perform the basics very well, but they do also have some other good qualities.

Both the Samsung E1080i and E1200 have the same hands free option where you can actually switch to hands free speaker mode before the other party has answered. This is not present on a lot of the slightly more expensive cellphones, including the Samsung E2600. Although not a feature that Samsung point out with the E1200, toughness is prevalent.

Samsung GT E1200 Quick Specification

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent battery life
  • Slim & Reliable
  • GSM 2G (Not 3G or 4G compatible)
  • TFT LCD Screen
  • 1.52 inch screen
  • Sar Level 0.81 W/kg

The phone can survive some serious knocks, drops and bangs. And because it’s so cheap to buy you may not treat it with the care it deserves, but it seems to like it rough and keeps on working without fault. This model has a very clear screen, and also has all the features that come as standard with the cheap Samsung phones like Memo pad, calendar, countdown timer, keypad lock, stopwatch, hands free option, calculator, alarm, torch mode. Reviews for the E1200 are mostly excellent.

Someone asked a question to customers on Amazon about whether the E1200 can block numbers, and all people who replied said no. But it can block numbers by adding them to the reject list. Most of the cheap Samsung’s have this feature. You can do this by simply selecting the number from the call list, click options and select “Add to reject list”.

Due to its price and ease of use the Samsung E1200 is also a great alternative to the slighter more expensive phones aimed at Senior Citizens, like the Binatone M250, TTfone Mercury, TTfone Dual 2, and the TTfone Venus TT700. For those not aware of how a SIM Free phone works, it basically comes without a SIM card so you can just take your SIM card out of your old phone, pop it into the new one and that’s it.

Your new mobile phone will now be using the phone number (SIM Card) that you previously had in your old cellphone. This is the same regardless of whether your SIM card is on a phone contract or on a Pay As You Go phone plan. Don't like the black? There's also a white version available.

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