Car Key Fob Novelty Secret Mobile Phone

These days most mobile phones that have all the latest features are the size of television remote controls. Yes, we now have more features packed into a mobile phone than ever before, but in exchange for all that technology mobile phones are actually getting bigger!
This is one of the things that is good about the novelty mobile phones. They have nowhere near the capabilities of the latest Smartphones, like the iPhone or Sony Xperia, but they are so small, cute and easy to carry around that they do hold a lot of appeal.

And, other than the miniature size and fob disguise being the two main highlights and selling points, this BMW car key fob design phone, which is mostly made from plastic, is not without some decent features either. Rest assured, you can use it to call and text of course, just in case you were wondering.

It has a colour screen, mp3 player, memory card slot, hands free speaker, voice recorder, alarm, a phonebook capable of storing 500 numbers, and will work with any UK SIM card except 3G (Takes a Micro SIM). It’s not the best colour screen in terms of resolution but it’s good enough to use without any issues. This phone charges via USB cable, which is included.

The reviews for the BMW KEY FOB MOBILE PHONE are generally quite good. The rating is just below 4 out of a possible 5 stars. But there are a few customers that had various problems, mostly due to quality control issues by the sounds of it. Be aware of the fact that this phone is made in China, so each batch of phones are hit and miss.


You might get 10 phones that are in perfect working order and will last a long time, which in turn will generate positive reviews, and then you may get some phones that will have a few faults or might not last as long as it should. Luck of the draw I suppose.

But going on the amount of positive reviews your chances of getting a good one are considerably higher than getting a faulty one. Excellent as a back up emergency phone, using for work, or taking on a night out so you don’t risk smashing the expensive smart phone. This phone can come with or without the BMW branding. The BMW branded version is not pictured here, but it is for sale on websites such as eBay and Amazon. So the choice is yours. Makes a great gift.

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