Pantech C320 Curved Banana Mobile Phone

White Slide PhoneWith so many cheap phones out there for sale, why bother with the Pantech C320? Well, this phone is for the people who want a cheaply priced handset that doesn’t look the same as the other million and one phones that the rest of the “I only need a cheap phone” crowd are using.

This phone has a bit more style than that. It’s literally curved! The shape is reminiscent of the old Nokia 8110 Banana that was made super famous because it was featured in the excellent, thought-provoking film, The Matrix.

Of course, this one has a completely different outer shell housing. However, this is one of its stand out features. Feels great in the hand and fits the mould of the head and face really well when putting it to your ear to make or take a call. Now, you would think with such a cheap phone that the features are terrible and the build quality is a joke. But you would be wrong.

For the price, this is actually a really good little phone, with some nice, up to date features. It even has a good quality build and a two-inch 262K TFT display. Bear in mind, this phone is literally £20 – £30 brand new. For the novelty of owning something that little bit different, it’s well worth considering. The reviews are predominantly positive.

The Pantech C320 Slide takes a “normal” size mini SIM and works on most UK Networks (Unlocked). Won’t work with 3G. In terms of features it has a 1.3 Mega pixel camera (Can also record video), MicroSD card slot, Bluetooth, Micro USB port, Speakerphone, Radio, MP3 Player, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a 770mAh battery.

Don’t get me wrong, this is no iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Edge S6, but for the money it’s well worth buying one in order to have something that stands out a little from the rest. Great as a back up or cheap primary phone. And equally good as a gift for someone who likes something a bit different.

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