Qmart Q1 Credit Card Sized Mini Phone

Q1 SlimIf you’re looking for something small and super thin, that’s cheap to buy, and a little bit different to what most people are using the Qmart Q1 Credit Card Sized Mini Mobile Phone is a really good choice. There are a few various models of these credit card phone for sale, such as the AEKU M5, but the Qmart Q1 is the thinnest yet at just 4 millimetres, which is incredibly thin for a mobile phone.

Fair enough, it’s not as thin as an actual credit card, it’s about 4 – 5 times as thick, but that is still very impressive. The Q1 has a retro blue and light orange TFT screen display, and the screen is super tiny at around 1 inch! Most people you show this phone to will never have seen one before so they are great if you want something quite unique.

The Qmart Q1 is very small and discreet and has many of the basic features of a standard phone. Of course, you can call and text, but other than those standard features it also has a built-in radio, Bluetooth capability, memory card slot, and an MP3 player. The radio requires headphones to work.

The phone is GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), so should have no problem working with most of the standard UK networks SIM cards other than 3G. The Qmart Q1 is also noted for it’s fairly impressive battery life, which has a standby time of around a week with minimal phone use. Talk time is approx 3 – 5 hours. It charges by USB (cable included). This could be one of the contenders for best mini novelty phone when you consider the cheap price and good buyer reviews.

The Qmart Q1 is available in lots of different colours, including Blue, Pink, Purple, Black (Pictured), and Gold. At such a cheap price the Q1 is an excellent little compact, unique mobile phone that is perfect as a backup, or even as your main phone if want a really thin phone that’s super easy to carry around, simple to use, and you’re not bothered about keeping up with the Jones’ by owning the latest and greatest cellphone that has just hit the market.

The Q1 is for people who want something not many people will have. If you’re looking for one of these phones in White then you may have to buy it’s fatter twin brother, the AEKU M5, which is slightly thicker by half a millimetre. However, this model, the AEKU M5 is available in pure White, and also with a few different colour trims such as Pink, Green and Blue. Looking for something thicker, but still tiny, take a look at the Secret Car Key Fob Phone (linked to above) or the J8 Finger Sized Phone.

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