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Basic Samsung E1080i
Samsung E1080i SIM Free mobile phone quick review. If you’re one of those people who can’t live without all the features that Smartphones offer, or have an image to uphold to your mates, then this phone is most probably not for you. For the rest of us who don’t care about all that stuff this is one of the best phones out there for the price. It’s extremely reliable, has a ridiculously long battery life, and is very simple to operate. The Samsung E1080i comes with an 800mAh battery, which is excellent.

A lot of phone batteries these days, when they get to the point where the battery meter on the phone screen is flashing and the phones about to die, they don’t have much time left and will cut off and power down fairly quickly. Not the case with the 800mAh that’s in the Samsung E1080i. It can just soldier on and give you vital minutes of talk time even when it’s critically low.

Yes, there are quite a few phones which claim to have the same battery life as the E1080i, but not many have that extra power in reserves. The 800mAh battery, coupled with the low energy output of the E1080i, can really drag it’s heels against powering down. Great feature to have.

Like many of the cheaper Samsung models which are unlocked, including the E1120, the Samsung E1080i works on most UK Networks. Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange (EE), all will work fine with this phone. 3G however, won’t work. This phone is mainly for just making and receiving calls and texts but it does also have a few useful features worth mentioning. It has a mobile tracker which can help find your phone if it’s lost or in the hands of a thief. The Fake Call option can be a useful tool for the right situations.

Just press and hold down the lower button on the directional pad and a fake call will be activated. You can change the duration of how long the phone should take before a fake call will start ringing from the fake call settings. This timer has 5 different durations which vary from 5 seconds to 3 minutes. The phone is set to take 30 seconds to ring once a fake call is activated by default.

The E1080i also has a Memo pad, calendar countdown timer, keypad lock, stopwatch, hands free speaker, calculator, 5 alarms, and a torch which is the screen turned white. You can also block numbers with this phone by adding them to the reject list. Although with the amount of spam calls these days the reject list limit of just 10 numbers really could have done with being increased to at least 50.

I mean, how much extra internal memory would have needed to be added in order to have a reject list that can store 50 - 100 phone numbers.. The answer is, not much at all. We're talking a few KB here. Hopefully, with the huge increase in spam / unsolicited calls, Samsung will role with the times and address this issue by adding a much bigger block list capacity on their future cheaper models.

The display, while perfectly usable, is pretty poor when compared to today's Smartphone standards, like it is on most phones that come in at under £20. The ring tones are standard at best. Keypad could be better. It is one complete piece of rubber which would be much better to use if the buttons were separate and made of harder plastic. Saying that, it is hard-wearing, and the phone overall can take some abuse.

This phone won’t blow you away with its features or design, but it is dependable, cheap to buy (Unlike some basic phones), and well suited for the simple tasks like calling and texting. SAR level is also fairly low at 0.64 W/kg. My one is still going strong after many years of service. It's been dropped countless times but it still just keeps on working. In my opinion, this is one of the best, and cheapest workhorse phones from Samsung.

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