Samsung E1120 Mobile Phone Quick Review

The Samsung E1120 was first introduced in early 2009. It is a very basic "Candy Bar" mobile phone and was made for people who prefer a basic phone with basic features that is also very durable and easy to use. It ticks all those boxes. And even today, people who are looking for a budget phone could do a lot worse than a Samsung E1120.

Sadly, Samsung no longer make the E1120 mobile phone so if you want to buy one you will have to buy one used. There is no shortage of used examples for sale online. You can find one on eBay for really cheap, like £5 – £10. Although, for a little bit extra money you can buy one of the newer budget phones like the E1080i and E1200. Those two can still be bought brand new also. These three are all comparable to each other. And it really comes down to personal preference as to which want you choose. They are similar in terms of price, features and display.

Yes, you can buy the two mentioned phone models for a little more money, but the E1120 has close to all the features that the E1080i and E1200 have. So if you have the chance to get one for cheap its well worth considering. The E1120 is smaller than the other models too.

Feature wise, It has a torch-light (Screen turned completely white), 5 alarms, timer, stopwatch, memo pad, call reject list (10), calendar, calculator, auto-lock keypad, phone book (200 numbers) and a loudspeaker. It also comes installed with the Sudoku game. And lets not forget about the battery life of the E1120 phone. Due to the low power consumption, the 3.7 V 800mAh Li-ion battery lasts a very long time.

Of course, by today's standards this really is just a basic phone that is perfect for calling and texting but not much else in the way of entertainment. However, people don’t buy the E1120 for that reason. This no frills phone is for people who don’t care about having the latest features like WiFi, GPS, picture-taking, and WhatsApp (chatting software if you’re not aware) on hand day in, day out. It’s just a normal phone!

Not so good things about the Samsung E1120. The screen resolution (65K) is rather bad, as should be expected on such a cheap phone. Buttons can be a little hard to press. And the SAR Level is slightly on the high side for such a basic phone at 0.81 W/kg. Other than that, for what it was made for, the E1120 is a serious little workhorse that will far outlast any Smartphone when it comes to battery life and durability.

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