The J8: One Of The Smallest Cellphones

There are quite a few mobile phones out there that claim to own the title of “The worlds smallest cellphone”. Which one is actually the smallest? With there being so many company’s and manufacturers bringing out new mobile phones almost every month, in so many different countries (predominantly Asia), and with so many of those phones never being made available in the UK or USA, who knows for sure. One things for sure, the J8 Beat The Boss mobile phone is tiny! It is around the same size as an adults index finger!


A phone this size is a great novelty item. But the J8 is more than that. If you show this phone to your friends they probably won’t believe you when you say this is a real mobile phone, but they will be shocked when you actually make a call on it in front of them. It really is a fully functional cellphone which has some good little features for such a small, lightweight phone.

Of course, the J8 can send and receive text and make / receive calls. It has a nice keypad and will apparently work with any UK phone network except 3G. It takes a micro sized SIM card. The J8 by Long-CZ is capable of storing around 500 contacts and even has a built-in radio. Who needs to spend over £200 on what is considered a "trendy dumb phone" called the Punkt MP01 when you can buy one of these, which in my opinion is much better. And a lot cheaper.

Talk time (3-5 hours) and stand by time (Around 4 days) are also pretty good. However, the best feature of this phone is that it can double up as a Bluetooth Headset and even comes with the loop so it can be attached to your ear. The phone weighs under 20 grams and is made from mostly plastic.


Customer reviews are mostly positive, although there are a few people who complain about the build quality. It says Long-CZ on the screen, which is a company located in China. One thing to be aware of with this phone is that the micro SIM card has to be inserted into the phone upside down, which makes you think that some, but not all of the reviews that said the SIM doesn’t work, or the phone display says “insert SIM card” when it’s already in the phone, were probably written because the buyers weren’t aware of the SIM having to be put into the phone upside down.

Be aware: The quality control for this item probably isn’t the best and it can be the luck of the draw as to whether you get a phone that’s fault free or has a few problems. Most customers are happy, but it’s just something you should be aware of.

There are other very small phones out there that are also cheap to buy and have a good rating like this one. The one shaped like a car key fob is well worth a look. It’s not as long as this one but is thicker and weighs a little more.

I will be posting a mini-review about it soon. The J8 is a great phone for the price. Perfect as a novelty item, backup / spare, or to be used as a secret mobile phone! It's also available in white. If you want to buy one just go to Amazon or eBay and type in either "J8 Beat The Boss" or "Long-CZ J8". You should find many on there for sale. Looking for a normal sized, cheap basic phone? Take a look at one of the budget Samsung phones.


Anonymous said...

Can sumbody tell me how get my long cz gold j8 to take a nu there sim card after loosing them only to refind the phone and not the giff gaff sI’m it’s had the phone settings sent to the lost simply an now all it says is insert sim an a car to get it to take the simple new giffaff simply

ppobb said...

I have this phone its brilliant apart from can’t get to my contacts there are 101 numbers on the Sim but can’t retrieve them to make calls . any ideas

Anonymous said...

Must be popular, sold out everywhere now.

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