Older Nokia 3210 Mobile Phone For Sale

older nokia vintage handset There are lots of up to date mobile phones to choose from when it comes to the cheap basic phones of today. There’s no shortage of excellent budget priced Samsung’s and Nokia’s for sale starting from as cheap as £10 brand new. But step back in time and do a little Google searching and you will find that some of the absolute classic older mobile phones, like the Nokia 3210 (Pictured), 3310, 8210, and 8310 are still very much alive and kicking.

They are retro and nostalgic, but still very usable, even in today’s world of Smartphones. Some people prefer to use the older handsets over the more expensive models. The GSM Nokia 3210 is one of the most popular phones in cellular history, selling well over 150 Million units worldwide. This phone was one of the corner stones of the Nokia phone empire at the time. Today the 3210 is looked at as ever-so basic, but back in the day it was revolutionary.

Very long battery duration, no visible aerial (big breakthrough at the time), changeable phone (fascia) covers / cases, different keypads, unmatched durability for the time period, and the super popular Snake game, all in a small and relatively cheaply priced phone. It has a total of 3 games: Snake, Memory, and Rotation. Even today, the Nokia 3210 is considered as one of the best older phones to buy if you want something cheap and cheerful, with some old school character, to use for basic tasks.

If you want some green screen in your life, the 3210 can provide it for a low price. It has SMS (send texts), takes a mini-sim card, an alarm, and even has a Ringtone Composer. You can also download ringtones to the phone. Of course, this is a very basic phone so it doesn’t have many of the up to date features that many phones have today. It doesn’t have a loudspeaker, Bluetooth or a camera. And some models don’t even have built-in vibration.

But, if you’re after a cheap retro phone to use for calls and texts, do you really need all those things.. Probably not. For basic phone lovers, the 3210 is really all you need. Price wise, they are very cheap, costing between £7 - £15 on eBay.

Cheap Unlocked Nokia 1100 Mobile Phone

low priced older mobileThe Nokia 1100 is one of the best mobile phones that Nokia have ever produced. This is evident by how many of this model phone Nokia have sold worldwide. Hundreds of millions of Nokia 1100 phones have been sold worldwide. Of course, the quantities sold per year have dropped dramatically since the Smartphone age has dawned upon us. Also, with the phone not being produced anymore, buying used or refurbished are the only two options if you want to buy one.

For the people who don’t care about owning a new cellphone, or being a part of the Smartphone epidemic, and actually prefer to have a simple, easy to use mobile phone, the Nokia 1100 is still very much alive and sought after. It’s a great, retro alternative to the many up-to-date budget phones of today. And, of course, a smart alternative to a Smartphone. Who needs one of them, right? You can buy a 1100 unlocked for a cheap price on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

It’s a mean, green screen machine! The Nokia 1100 is known for its cheap price, toughness and long battery life. But there’s more. This phone has the games Snake II and Space Impact+. And, unlike the cheap Samsung phones that have a light that is just the screen turned white, the Nokia 1100 has a real torch in the form of an actual L.E.D bulb that’s located at the top of the phone (Built-in).

This is a great feature that offered a really good light source for the time period. Obviously, Smartphones nowadays have better lights/torches, but if you want a basic phone with a good torch-light, the Nokia 1100 is the one to go for. The most popular colour was grey with black (Pictured) due to that being the colour that mostly came with the phone direct from Nokia manufacturers. But there are lots of cool cases and back covers to choose from like blue, yellow, green and red.

The durability of these phones is also very impressive. Some people have owned and used this phone for a decade and it’s still going strong. Have you seen how many complaints there are for Smartphones breaking? Most of them are expensive but flimsy, and won’t last long if you’re someone like me, who’s a bit clumsy and drops their phone every now and then. Battery Life? Don’t even go there. Yep, as you probably guessed, I use a basic phone myself because they are much more durable, and if it does break it doesn’t cost much to replace.

One negative about the 1100 is the plastic (Silicon) keypad. If you have nails, over time they can start to dig through the plastic and also fade the buttons. The fading buttons will happen over time whether you have nails or not. But this is easily fixed because when you buy a new case / cover it comes with a new set of buttons (keypad) included. SAR Level is slightly high @ 0.73 W/kg.

I’m just nitpicking really. It’s a great basic phone that can be snapped up for very cheap indeed (under £10 used). Don’t follow the shallow as s%*t materialistic crowd that requires you to have the latest phone or you’re not cool anymore. Yawn, whatever. Be different, or at least, be you.

Retro Used Nokia 8210 Phone For Sale UK

Retro Used Nokia 8210 Phone For Sale UK
The Nokia 8210 was one of the smallest mobile phones when it first came out in 1999. They were all the rage in the UK during the 1990’s. It’s very compact phone, stylish, and very slim. The battery life is also pretty decent considering it’s an older phone, made at a time when some mobile phone battery’s barely lasted the day!.

The Nokia 8210 has all the features that someone who just wants a nice basic small phone that can send texts and make phone calls would ever need. It also has the time, alarm clock, calculator, text delivery reports, and an Infra Red Port. You can buy one used and SIM Free from either eBay or Amazon (UK, USA and Canada. However, looking at the prices on Amazon and its clear that sellers think the 8210 they are selling is made of solid gold or something. They are going for much much cheaper on eBay UK.

It doesn’t look all that retro when you first look at it, but once you see the green screen you’ll know that the 8210 is old skool. The Nokia 8210 Mobile Phone is quite deceiving though because all you need to replace in order to get an old Nokia 8210 looking new again is a brand new phone cover. There are thousands of different types available, from plain colours like red and yellow, to Union Jack designs, Star Wars, Gothic designs, Reggae designs, the list of designs is endless. Plain original Nokia Fascia housings, such as the black and blue, look the most professional. Red examples are quite nice also.

One of the best things about this phone is its size. It is nice and small even by today's standards. But thinking about it, don’t you think we have gone a bit backwards in terms of mobile phone sizes? I mean, yeah, mobile phones now have more features than ever before, Cameras, Video, Music, thousands of Apps, Operating Systems etc, but in the process of fitting all that technology into a mobile phone, the actual size of the phone itself has increased dramatically.

Nokia 8210 Compared to Smartphones

Have you seen some of the latest mobile phones recently? They are massive! And the battery life of these high-tech phones, don’t even go there. In some ways it’s ridiculous. We seem to have gone backwards in those two areas. Many more features but we have to sacrifice with a huge phone that has a terrible battery life. Obviously, not all phones are this way but the most advanced ones seem to be.

A lot of people, including myself, prefer a phone that is easier to live with. The Nokia 8210 certainly falls into this category. They have the nostalgic factor also. Some Nokia 8210’s were made with dual SIM capability, which basically means they can house two fully operational SIM cards in one phone. The SAR level / rate is between 0.74W/kg – 1 W/kg depending on what source you look at. This SAR level is decent for such an old phone. Most will be unlocked to all networks, and if not, it’s easy to unlock them.

Nokia 8210 Reported Problems

Although most Nokia 8210’s are reliable, and the phone as a whole has great reviews, there have been some reports of a few faults. Occasional screen freezes, jumbled screen text, screen fade, screen sometimes goes off when trying access the menu, and also some reports of speaker / microphone problems. These are all old issues and should be sorted out now, specially if you are buying a refurbished Nokia 8210 off Amazon or eBay. They sell used from anywhere between £10 – £40 in the UK, which is a decent price. There is also a Nokia 8310, which is slightly bigger than this model. See it here.

Other Considerations

Also, due to the 8210 being an older phone, if you’re considering buying a used Nokia 8210 and it doesn’t come with a new battery, it’s recommended that you buy a new one to get the best battery life possible. As you can imagine, using a battery that’s had over a decade of use isn’t going to hold a charge very well. Other than these issues the Nokia 8210 is a great little retro Mobile phone that will serve you well. The Nokia is also more “Big Brother” proof than a lot of the phones produced these days, less easier to track and trace. Overall this is a great little vintage phone for those who don't need, or want all the features that owning a Smartphone offers.

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