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low priced older mobileThe Nokia 1100 is one of the best mobile phones that Nokia have ever produced. This is evident by how many of this model phone Nokia have sold worldwide. Hundreds of millions of Nokia 1100 phones have been sold worldwide. Of course, the quantities sold per year have dropped dramatically since the Smartphone age has dawned upon us. Also, with the phone not being produced anymore, buying used or refurbished are the only two options if you want to buy one.

For the people who don’t care about owning a new cellphone, or being a part of the Smartphone epidemic, and actually prefer to have a simple, easy to use mobile phone, the Nokia 1100 is still very much alive and sought after. It’s a great, retro alternative to the many up-to-date budget phones of today. And, of course, a smart alternative to a Smartphone. Who needs one of them, right? You can buy a 1100 unlocked for a cheap price on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

It’s a mean, green screen machine! The Nokia 1100 is known for its cheap price, toughness and long battery life. But there’s more. This phone has the games Snake II and Space Impact+. And, unlike the cheap Samsung phones that have a light that is just the screen turned white, the Nokia 1100 has a real torch in the form of an actual L.E.D bulb that’s located at the top of the phone (Built-in).

This is a great feature that offered a really good light source for the time period. Obviously, Smartphones nowadays have better lights/torches, but if you want a basic phone with a good torch-light, the Nokia 1100 is the one to go for. The most popular colour was grey with black (Pictured) due to that being the colour that mostly came with the phone direct from Nokia manufacturers. But there are lots of cool cases and back covers to choose from like blue, yellow, green and red.

The durability of these phones is also very impressive. Some people have owned and used this phone for a decade and it’s still going strong. Have you seen how many complaints there are for Smartphones breaking? Most of them are expensive but flimsy, and won’t last long if you’re someone like me, who’s a bit clumsy and drops their phone every now and then. Battery Life? Don’t even go there. Yep, as you probably guessed, I use a basic phone myself because they are much more durable, and if it does break it doesn’t cost much to replace.

One negative about the 1100 is the plastic (Silicon) keypad. If you have nails, over time they can start to dig through the plastic and also fade the buttons. The fading buttons will happen over time whether you have nails or not. But this is easily fixed because when you buy a new case / cover it comes with a new set of buttons (keypad) included. SAR Level is slightly high @ 0.73 W/kg.

I’m just nitpicking really. It’s a great basic phone that can be snapped up for very cheap indeed (under £10 used). Don’t follow the shallow as s%*t materialistic crowd that requires you to have the latest phone or you’re not cool anymore. Yawn, whatever. Be different, or at least, be you.

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