Buy a Cheap Nokia 3310 Brick Phone

Retro Brick HandsetIf you’ve been coming here often, or just happened to scan the theme of this website, you would have noticed that I love old school phones. And what better phone would there be to buy right now other than the Nokia Brick! Also known as the Nokia 3310. Renowned the world over for its toughness, and with a respectable set of features for its age, this phone is one of the P4P greatest “Bricks” ever to ride the airwaves. Buy one today. They are readily available for sale used on eBay.

Even today, they are still very sought after by people who want an easy to operate mobile phone that offers supreme durability and battery life on a level that Smartphones can not compete with. The material and plastic chassis design make the 3310 a real beast. Try and break one and see how hard it is. You could drop it off a 10 storey building and the chassis will remain intact.

For its age it has one of the most durable enclosures known to man. That is of course an exaggeration, but I think you get the point. These old school phones are easy to use and last a very long time. They are popular as a works phone, particularly in the construction industry.

“The Brick” Quick Specification

  • Monochrome LCD Display 
  • SMS messaging 
  • T9 Predictive Text 
  • Vibration alert 
  • 34 Ring Tones (Classics) 
  • Ringtone composer + Downloadable 
  • Calculator 
  •  Clock 
  • Alarm 
  • Multiple languages 

Games: Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact and Bantumi.

SAR Level: 0.96 W/kg (Fairly high)

The 3310 has become a long-standing joke online due to how indestructible it is. The memes relating to this phone are really funny, and it’s widely considered as the Chuck Norris of cellphones. It’s considered by many as impossible to truly kill. Because of it’s hard-earned reputation for being a tough nut to crack, there are always people who are eager to find out how much punishment this Brick can really take.

The 3310 has been put up against everything. Tanks, guns and bullets of all sizes, dropped from hundreds of feet, blown up, you name it. And yes, the fascia / cover will fly off and the screen will sometimes be cracked, but more often than not it still powers up afterwards, and in some cases can even manage to receive a call. For the price I’d say it’s an excellent deal.

One of the things I would have liked the 3310 to have is a loudspeaker so the unit can be operated hands free while talking, However, this model was released at the start of the millennium, so we can’t expect it to have all the features that come as standard with most of today’s phones.

And thankfully, hands free kits are very cheap to buy for this model. Another bonus with this model is the replacement covers. If you buy this phone used and it looks a little worn, buy a new fascia and you will have a brick that looks as good as new. When it comes to cases, there are literally thousands to choose from. The original Blue case (Pictured above) still looks really good. This is the same for a lot of the older Nokia’s, including the 3210 (Link) and 8210 (See it here). They are brilliant, and so easy to get looking brand new again.

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