Blocsock Phone SAR Anti-Radiation Pouch

Blocsock Mobile Phone SAR Anti-Radiation Protective Pouch. These days, with all the technology that’s crammed into mobile phones, the SAR levels on many of the most sought after phones, like Smartphones, remains high. And it doesn’t just affect the user when the phone is in use and put to the ear. A mobile phone is also transmitting radiation when it’s not in use abd just sitting in a users pocket on standby. A lot of the newer Smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone 6 and 7, are hovering around the SAR Level of 1 W/kg head and 1 W/kg body. That is fairly high.

The body SAR W/kg being the same as the head means that the phone is giving off just as much radiation when not in use as it is when in use. That’s why it is a good idea to consider using not an Anti-Radiation sticker, but an Anti-Radiation Protective Pouch (Pictured above).

This easy to use and affordable Blocsock Mobile Phone Radiation Protective Pouch will safeguard you against EMF radiation when your phone is in use, and even when the phone is on standby and within close proximity to your head or body. Made from quality materials that are known to absorb EMF radiation, this Mobile Phone Radiation Protective Pouch reduces / eliminates harmful EMF radiation by 96%. That is close to all EMF radiation eradicated from your mobile phone. If after using your cellphone you have headaches, fatigue, or just don’t feel comfortable because you are spending long periods talking on the phone, then you should consider giving this product a try. It will house normal phones and Smartphones up to 14cm in height and 7cm in width.

This Mobile Phone Radiation Protective Pouch is one of the very few anti cell phone radiation products that have excellent feedback from the people who really matter – The people actually using the product (Verified purchasers). The price is quite competitive, but given how many Anti-Radiation Mobile Phone products are out there on the market, and with how bad their feedback is from users, this one looks the most promising.

Although, there is a lot of speculation toward products like these. And even though one of the description pictures for this product is of a test report from RFI Global Services LTD, I would still take the report with a grain of salt, because it shows no results or any information of what type of tests were carried out and what the results actually were. So buying this product is a small risk. It may work for some people and not for others. But customer review feedback does look good, which is a very positive sign.

Update: I had a look at some of the test results for the Blocsock Protective Pouch and my conclusion is: If you are someone who is concerned about radiation exposure from your phone, and you are using your phone a lot, I would give this product a shot. Some of the test results were quite promising and did show a difference in SAR Levels (Lower when the Blocsock pouch was used). Although there was an uncertainty level of just over 17%. Take a look at the PDF test report for yourself.

Is The Blocsock Too Powerful?

The question is, is the Blocsock too effective? Check out the video demonstration below which not only shows the Blocsock eliminating most of the radiation from the phone when receiving a call, but also cutting the call off when the phone is placed inside the pouch. This test was done using a Blackberry, so it doesn’t mean this will happen with every mobile phone. I’m sure some of the customers who bought the Blocsock would have mentioned in their review if the phone didn’t actually work when in the pouch. Damn, they removed the video!

However, there are a few different models and various methods for using the Blocsock pouch. I believe the user shouldn’t actually have the whole phone concealed in the pouch when making or taking a call, they should use the pouch opening (kangaroo pouch) which has some of the phone exposed in order to still get a signal. The picture at the top of this post shows the phone turned outward, but if you wanted protection when making or receiving a call you would turn the phone around so that there is a protective layer (the Blocsock pouch) between your head and the phone.

Can’t afford to give a pouch a go? Here’s three quick tips to help keep your phone radiation exposure to a minimum. 1. Make shorter calls. Say what you have to say and get off the phone. 2. Buy yourself a non-smartphone with minimal other features to play with (like a budget Samsung), so you can only use the phone to text and make phone calls rather than sitting there holding it playing games or watching videos on Youtube. 3. Do not have your phone within close proximity to your head and body when not in use, such as when you’re in bed and you need to have the phone close by. Have it at an arm’s length at the very least.

Make it so you have to really stretch to grab the phone. Not in bed? There’s no excuse, have the phone at minimum several meters away from your body. Whenever possible put the phone somewhere else other than in your pocket. This has become a bigger problem in a way because people now use mobile phones as entertainment devices, so if there not making or receiving calls they're doing some other activity on the phone, like playing a game, chatting on WhatsApp all night, or browsing Facebook.

This makes the exposure to radiation a constant issue, so a Blocsock, or another highly rated alternative is a good option because unlike all the anti-radiation stickers out there, the Blocsock can cover the whole phone, which is particularly helpful for people holding their phone all night chatting on apps like Whatsapp.

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