Turn Off EDGE (E symbol) Samsung B2100

How to turn off EDGE GPRS (The E symbol) on the screen of your Samsung B2100 Xplorer Phone. Just been given this phone and I must say, it has many of the features that I look for in a mobile phone. First off, it's not a Smartphone, so that's a big plus. Second, it's very tough, also a much needed feature for me as I'm so clumsy and heavy handed that items need to be reinforced to last the test of time in my possession. The other thing about the Samsung B2100 that is great, and one of my favourite things other than the very clear loudspeaker, is the torch. That thing is pretty bright.

Turn Off EDGE (E symbol) Samsung B2100
The Hidden GPRS Tool Options for the B2100 Xplorer

Okay, so after putting my SIM card in this phone, and not looking for any trouble, unless I'm pushed, I get the dreaded Phone Lock Password required screen of annoyance. This was quickly sorted out by inserting the master / phone reset code, which is: *2767*3855#. Some people have had no luck with that code and have used *0206*3855# with some success. However, the first code worked just fine for me.

That solved the problem. Great, I'm now up and running and having a mess around with the menu, ring tones, testing the 1.3mp camera, etc. What do I keep seeing at the top of the screen that is giving me a serious obsessive compulsive disorder to get rid of? The EDGE symbol at the top of the screen. If you look through all the normal settings in the viewable menu there is just nothing there that allows you to disable this feature. You can try changes the Network Mode to one of the other settings, such as from Quad Band to only GSM 850/1900, but then the phone will only work in America. No UK Network coverage at all. Choose GSM 900/1800 and the EDGE box still remains. What a pain in the aine. Here's how to remove the E symbol and to disable this feature.

How To Turn Off The EDGE (E symbol) On The Samsung B2100 Xplorer

From the phones main screen type in *#4777*8665# to pull up the hidden GPRS Tool. You'll see a list of different options. Scroll to GPRS Detach and select it. See the picture above if you're unsure. Give it a second or two and you should see the E symbol disappear. If you want to re-enable GPRS just click GPRS attach and you will see the E box re-appear again, meaning it is now enabled again. Hope this helped you out.

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