The Jivi X3i Dual SIM Mobile Phone

Jivi-X3i-Candy-Bar-Dual-SIM-Mobile-PhoneThe Jivi X3i is quite a strange mobile phone. On the one hand, take a look at the list of features this phone has and you will be thinking, wow, that’s sounds really good. Then, when you see how cheap it is to buy you will probably think, what’s the catch. There is no denying it, on paper the Jivi X3i has many excellent features and functions. So it’s very surprising to find out that the makers of this Candy Bar phone have left out some of the most basic things you could imagine. What do you want first, the good part of the specification or the bad?

Jivi Good, Bad and Ugly

Let’s start with the good. It's not a  Smartphone. The X3i is Quad Band (GSM + CDMA) and has Dual SIM functionality. This means you can have two SIM cards, that are fully operational, in the phone at once. Both will work alongside each other. Two SIMs in one phone is convenient for many reasons. One being if you have a works phone and a personal phone. No need to carry two phones around with you anymore! Check it out Amazon. Actually don't buy it from Amazon UK, buy it from eBay UK instead.

It also has Bluetooth, call recording, LED torch, Camera, SD card slot, Radio, MP3 player and a good battery life. So you can see, for the low price this phone has a lot to offer. It still looks like a basic phone but has some nice little features going for it. So what’s not so great about this phone.

The Jivi X3i Dual SIM Mobile Phone Is Confused

The Bad: By most accounts there is no vibrate built into this phone. Conflicting reports. Some manuals state that there is a vibration alert, but end users can’t seem to find or activate it. Lack of built-in ringtones seems to be of some annoyance to users also. Numerous reviewers claim they could only find one ringtone. Silent mode is present. However, to the frustration of some users, ringtone volume also seems to be an issue, only offering either low or really loud.

Is it worth the purchase? Well, firstly. For how cheap it is to buy, and considering all the good points, it’s still a decent phone for those looking for a no frills mobile with a few tweaks. Just don’t expect to get a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Note 9 level of quality and refinement. This is a super cheap, non-smartphone phone. The bad points may not be that important to some, but to others they might be deal breakers.

Jivi or Divvy

Considering how crowded this price range is, and with there being some really good competitors, like the cheap Samsung’s and Nokia’s, it’s hard to recommend this phone over the more well-known but less feature rich leaders at this price point. But if you want something a bit different and you see a feature in the Jivi X3i that you could really do with, go for it. You could do a lot worse than a X3i. Personally, I’d go with a Brick instead! But I’ve got a soft spot for retro models. The old UK saying, I’ll be there in a jiffy springs to mind..Instead, with this phone, it’s, I’ll be there in a Jivi!

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