Zanco Beetle Miniature Smartphone

There are many miniature phones hitting the shelves these days. The demand for tiny, basic mobile phones is at an all time high. The new Zanco Beetle is just one in a long line. Some people want to buy one because they think it looks really cool, others want one to use as a second phone, and a few people even want them for sinister reasons. To hide things like having an affair, or trying to sneak it into somewhere that does not allow the use of mobile phones. Many of those locations, such as a Prison, use a metal detector to scan for these devices.


Whatever the reason, the one thing that gets quite old after a while is that every time a new mini phone comes out it’s automatically given the title as the “Worlds Smallest Phone“. It’s a good marketing trick, but it’s not really the truth. Most of them have different dimensions and are different shapes. Some, like the Zanco Fly and the J8 Long CZ, are longer and thinner. While the Beetle is wider but shorter. Does it really need to be the smallest phone in the World? As long as it’s small enough, right.. Saying that, for the people smuggling them into places like Prisons, I guess they really do need to make sure they have the smallest nano phone possible.

Anyway, they are all tiny, so what does the Zanco Beetle have to offer. Well, it has a screen that’s a little over 1.5 Inches in size, and takes a micro SIM card. The big difference between this phone and its many competitors is that this is a touch screen phone. Some are calling it a fully fledged Smartphone. And at this moment, maybe it does hold the title for being the smallest touch screen phone.

Not sure how people with sausage fingers will fare using it though. I’d say they would probably find it quite annoying to be honest. Maybe using something like a matchstick would be a good idea. It’s capable of playing music in MP3 or MP4 format and even has a camera! With flash. There are not many details regarding the pixel count quality of the camera.

However, the numbers 3 and 7 seem to be paired together on a few websites giving the specification. So that either translates to 3 mega pixels, 7mp, or 3.7mp. I’d tend to go with the latter. This phone also has a flash light. A really fun feature that the Beetle has, and one that other similar phones also have, is the voice changer. You can choose some really funny voices. A few include, rude man, rude woman, Asian man, Black man and bad child. Messing around with those would be a laugh.

The new Zanco Beetle also has Bluetooth. Can it be used to browse the Internet? No, I wouldn’t have thought so. It’s just a basic, miniature mobile phone with some cool little features. And if it could, it won’t provide the best user experience. It won’t work on 3G (Three) but should be just fine on most other UK Networks. Battery life is also reported as being pretty good.

Will it pass the detector test? The real question is how sensitive is the detector. A good way to find out is to get your hands on a metal detector, put it on high sensitivity (In all metal mode) and scan the phone at close range. Does the detector make any noise? Then do it again with the micro SIM inside. That’s the best test you can do.

However, nothing is guaranteed, so the risk is in the carriers hands, or ***. Personally, I believe the Beetle will not pass through undetected. But, all in all, a good novelty phone for the cheap price tag. Excellent to take with you for exercises like running while simultaneously using it to listen to music, rather than carrying that spaceship we call a (full sized) Smartphone.

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