Samsung GT-C3590 Flip Phone Review

Samsung-GT-C3590-Silver-Amazon-eBayIf you’re someone who loves the simplicity and compact design of an up-to-date flip phone that, although quite retro in its design by today’s standards, still has it’s fair share of bells and whistles to keep the user entertained, you will more than likely get along well with this upgraded flip phone. The Samsung GT-C3590 is a nice, simple styled phone that is very easy to live with.

There are lot’s of individuals out there that have a Smartphone phobia. Some consider them filled with too many features that they’ll never want or need to use, and others just find them plain annoying with their touch screen this and swipe here that.

Taking into consideration all the technology that’s incorporated into cellphones these days, the GT-C3590 is very much a “Back to basics” mobile phone when using it for “standard” communications, offering a nice, real keypad, with generously sized buttons to dial numbers and type texts on.

The classic flip design makes this phone easy to conceal, and also gives some much welcomed protection from damage to the screen and buttons. And being a flip phone that folds up when not in use it also prevents the phone from accidentally calling people from the phonebook or call logs (dialed + received numbers) when it’s in a pocket or bag. Something that many basic Candy bar style phones and Smartphones suffer from.

Samsung GT-C3590 Flip Phone Specification

  •     Vibrant 2.4 Inch TFT display (262K colours)
  •     Micro SD Slot (Max 32GB)
  •     Micro USB Port
  •     2 Mega Pixel Camera + Video recording
  •     Polyphonic Ringtones (+Downloadable) + Vibrate
  •     Music Player
  •     Loudspeaker
  •     3.5mm headphone jack
  •     Bluetooth
  •     EDGE (Enhanced GPRS)
  •     FM radio
  •     Texts, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
  •     WAP 2.0/xHTML
  •     10 Games Pre-Installed
  •     Pre-Installed Social Media Apps (Facebook etc)
  •     Calendar
  •     Voice Memo
  •     Opera Mini 7 Browser
  •     Alarm
  •     Countdown Timer
  •     Mobile Tracker
  •     Fake Call Feature
  •     Predictive Text
  •     Excellent Battery Life
  •     Weighs under 100 Grams
  •     Low SAR Level: 0.33 W/kg (head and body)

It’s crazy saying that the GT-C3590 is a basic phone because for a “simple” looking, small phone that is easy to use, it does have a lot of features. I mean, look at the list above. Yes, it can even browse the Internet. Although it is not 3G (It’s 2G) compatible and will suck your phone credit dry very quickly if you’re browsing while using PAYG credit. However, the good thing about this phone is that the user doesn’t have to use the “Smartphone” features at all and can quite easily use the basic functions without having the more “Smartphone related” features forced upon them.

Most of the Samsung GT-C3590’s being sold at this time come SIM Free (takes a normal – mini SIM) and unlocked, so will work on most UK networks, excluding the Three Network. Buying this phone brand new is more expensive than it should be in 2019. This is the same as some of the other Samsung models, such as the E-2600. Once upon a time it was actually quite cheap to purchase brand new (I got one for £25), but now, just like the C3590, to buy one that’s never been used, it’s £60+ on most outlets online. Take a look at some of the prices on Amazon.

You would be much better off buying a C3590 that’s been refurbished, or used but in excellent condition as you will save yourself a considerable amount of money. Lot’s for sale on eBay. It’s available in black, red and silver. Overall, this is a great phone for people who want something that’s slim, easy to conceal and easy to use. Another Samsung Flip (Clamshell) Phone well worth considering if you want to buy brand new instead of used is the Samsung E1270. Just bear in mind that it has fewer features than the C3590.

Vodafone Smart First 6 Android Mobile

Vodafone-Smart-First-6-Smartphone-Cheapie-UKThe Vodafone Smart First 6 Smartphone is one of the cheapest mobile phones with this many features that you will find anywhere online. This phone is meant to be used on Vodafone Pay As You Go. A SIM card is included, but be aware: The minimum payment is £10 month. If you have a Vodafone PAYG sim already then I believe that will work fine, and of course the price will be whatever you already pay now. The Smart First 6 is also locked to the Vodafone Network but can be unlocked for very cheap (£1 on eBay with an unlock code).

The Vodafone Smart 4 is a great little "Smart"mobile phone for the price, but the Smart First 6 is even better. And for £30 it seems crazy cheap for what you get. So what do you get..You basically get a phone that is capable of all the things a much more expensive Smartphone can do. However, don’t expect the Smart First 6 to be at the same level of performance and build quality as say a Sony Xperia Z4, Z5 or Galaxy S6. They are worlds apart in terms of quality, performance and refinement. And so they should be considering the price gap.

Vodafone Smart First 6 Smartphone Quick Specification

  • Andorid 4.4 KitKat Operating System
  • Dual Core 1.0GHz Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • 4GB Built-In Memory
  • 4 Inch Touchscreen (480 x 800 pixels)
  • 2 MP Camera
  • GSM / EDGE / HSPA+R7 (3G) Networks
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • MicroSD Card Compatible (up to 32GB)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • FM radio

The First 6 is a budget Smartphone after all, aimed at people who are on a tight budget or new to using Smartphones. But it does offer excellent value for money and still feels great in the hand, and is a good quality phone in its own right. But due to its price point its a great option for clumsy people!

Being an Android phone you have access to literally hundreds of thousands of Apps such as games, puzzles, Facebook (already included), Twitter (already included), catch up TV, Youtube, Google Translate, Sat Nav, SoundCloud, Weather reports, Cbeebies Playtime for the kids, and about half a million more. Most are free. The First 6 has WiFi so you can browse the Internet, check mail, do online shopping etc. The specification and operating system make it quite stable and capable of running several software programs at the same time with relative ease. Video clips appear clear and stream well. Call quality is also good.

What does it come with: The Smart 6 phone itself, battery, 2 chargers (mains plug-in and USB cable), basic phone manual, extra back cover for the phone, and a free pair of headphones (hands free).

What’s not so good: The Camera. With it only being 2MP the picture quality is quite poor. But for such a cheap phone this is to be expected. The Samsung E2600, although a great phone, has a terrible camera, and that phone is double the price of the Smart First 6. If you want to delve into the Smartphone world but don’t want to spend much money, this is a good option.

Great for kids, technophobes ready to give it a go, or people on a tight budget who still want phone-access to the Internet, a mobile music device, Android and all it’s capable of, and a ton of other features. Not for me, I'm a non-Smartphone type of guy! I'd rather have one of these instead. Most customers so far are happy with what they got for the price. Lots of good reviews, and a few not so good. No matter what the phone that is always the case. The choice is yours. Want more information.. Need the complete low down on the Smart First 6, check out the in-depth review from mobiletechtalk.

Mpow - Anker & TaoTronics Selfie Sticks

Monopod Selfie Sticks are all the rage at the moment. Everyone just loves taking pictures of themselves! Holding the phone at arm’s length just doesn’t cut it anymore. To be fair, they do make it a lot easier to take pictures. More convenience and better image stabilization make the sticks a good purchase when you consider how cheap they are. So, where can you buy a Selfie Stick? I think the real question is, where in 2019 / 2020 does not sell them. What are the best sticks to buy? Well, that depends on what you want and need. See below for a list of highly rated models that are cheap in price.

Pictured: One of the best-selling Mpow Wireless Sticks

There’s not many places that aren’t running with the new trend. Even the pound shop (UK) (Dollar store in the USA) sells them! Although, the quality is pretty good for the price there are much better ones out there, literally costing a few pounds more. And for the few quid more you get some great features, such as Bluetooth, built-in shutter button and a telescopic arm (mini extension pole).

Here is a few shops that sell them in the UK. Currys, Argos, Asda, Primark and even Sainsbury’s. In fact, many of the top high street stores now stock them. Some are stocking good quality Monopods and others not so much. There are a lot of cheaply made, flimsy examples out there. If shopping for one online you would only need to look as far as eBay or Amazon to find many different types for sale. They’re really easy to use. But if your unsure how to set it up check out the quick video below.

Please Note: A lot of these items are plug and play for a large majority of up-to-date Smartphones with cameras (Pair with Bluetooth and that’s it) but some people may need to download an App (Free) from the Google Store to get their stick working.

Two Monopod cheapies for those on a budget

 SAMAR Monopod Selfie Stick

One of the best and highest rated selfie sticks for an extremely low price is the SAMAR Monopod Selfie Stick. It has Bluetooth, extendable arm and a take picture button. The phone holder can house devices of various thickness, and the stick is chargeable via USB (Included). The reviews are mostly excellent, and for the money it is one of the best out there. Great if low on funds.

JETech Wired (No Bluetooth model)

JETech-Wired-iphone-stickThe JETech Wired (pictured) is another cheap one that has impressive reviews across the board. It does not have Bluetooth, but what it does have is a long telescopic arm, a button to press for taking the picture (located on the pole), and a lifetime warranty! A wired model is actually pretty good. Wired only means that your Smartphone is attached by a wire (headphone jack) to the pole itself. It unplugs with ease, so it’s not really much of a hindrance at all. Also, the wired models don’t need to be charged (they have no internal battery).

Slightly more expensive selfie sticks

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money in order to get a really high quality product, the sticks made by Anker (pictured) are really good for what you pay. There are wired and wireless versions. And both models are compatible with a whole host of different sizes mobile phones. Built-in picture-taking button and Bluetooth.

Due to there only being minimal difference in price between the wired and wireless models, most people will opt for the wireless model. Compatible with iPhones (iPhone 7, 8 Plus and X), Samsung Galaxy’s (S8 and S9), and many other Smartphones that use Android. Great products from Anker. Their reviewer rating is extremely high. Almost a full five stars, which speaks for itself.

TaoTronics TT-SH10

TaoTronics TT-SH10 is the most expensive out of this list, but not by much. It is wireless (Bluetooth) and, like some of the other models, has a 32 inch extendable arm so you can take pictures from fairly far away, great for fitting more people (group shots) into the picture. Of course, it also has the shutter button on the pole, and a warranty duration of a year and a half is included. Sounds like a great deal, and it is.


But what makes the TaoTronics models that little bit more special than the rest is the add-ons (accessories) that can be purchased for this item. Those are the Tripod stand and a tiny little remote control.

Although selfie sticks complete with remotes and tripods will work, and are very popular with many other models, they are confirmed to work without fault with the TaoTronics TT-SH10. It’s a triple whammy of products that are regularly purchased together. The combination makes for the ultimate picture-taking experience.

Samsung B7350 Omnia Windows Smartphone

Samsung-B7350-old-windows-Smart-mobile-phoneThe Samsung B7350 Omnia Smartphone is classed as quite old these days. Even considered as retro by some people. It’s quite a wide phone, like a Blackberry, but in this day and age what Smartphone isn’t either big or wide. Some people call them remote controls. The Samsung B7350 was first introduced in 2010. That means it has the Windows Mobile 6.5 Operating System. Whilst not the best operating system out there in 2019, it’s not all that bad. And for someone wanting a cheap phone that has a huge amount of programs and features, you could do a hell of a lot worse than a Samsung B7350. In general, user reviews are pretty good.

This phone is basically a mini-office in your pocket, a low-priced business phone. It comes complete with Microsoft Word PowerPoint, Outlook Mobile, and Excel. It also has a decent 3.2 Megapixel camera, MP3, MP4 player, FM Radio, GPS, BlueTooth, MicroSD card slot, and WiFi (3G). Not forgetting the Qwerty Keyboard layout, and also the capability to be able to play games like Need For Speed Shift on this phone. The Samsung B7350 Omnia phone takes a mini sim card, not a nano or micro, so nice and easy. Just pop your mini sim into the phone and you’re good to go. It also has a normal 3.5mm headphone jack making it easy and convenient to listen to music or easily pop in a different set of headphones.

Another good feature with this phone is that it can be charged from the USB data cable, so there’s no need to have to buy or hunt down a specific charger for the phone. The data cable for this phone is available to buy on eBay for £0.99 with free postage in the UK. Of course, if the phone comes with a charger then great. If it doesn’t it’s really not a big deal. Just buy the data cable for a couple of quid.

For such a feature packed phone the battery life is surprisingly good. Of course, if you buy a second-hand phone then the battery won’t all that great depending on it’s age. However, with a new battery the Samsung B7350 can have up to 500 hours stand by time and around 8 – 9 hours talk time. The SAR level is actually pretty good too for a phone with so many features. SAR Level: 0.64 W/kg (UK).

One of the best things about this phone is the price. A second-hand Samsung B7350 can be snapped up from between £14.99 – £25 on eBay. A brand new one will set you back a considerable amount more. But for the price of a second-hand one, if this is the phone you are looking for, you’d be crazy not to buy one at that price. Great feature filled business phone for a very low price. This phone is a hidden gem.

You can buy this phone in bulk at wholesale prices, but most are reproductions shipping from China so it’s wise to steer clear or lose your money because of them being seized by customs, and then later destroyed for being Branded reproductions. If you can find them being sold in bulk within the UK or Europe then that would be worth considering. Websites like Gsm Exchange and Cellpex are probably your best bet. It’s shocking to see what the phone recycle company’s offer to pay for a Samsung B7350!

The highest price found was £4.00 (Mazuma Mobile). Second place was £0.50. Then on other recycle websites the prices ranged from around £0.25 to £0.05! Depending on condition. Wow. The cheek! Even for a brand new Samsung B7350, the price one site would pay was just £0.28. lol. I’m surprised that anyone at all actually uses the phone recycling companies to sell their unwanted phones to. Their prices are just laughable.

Vodafone Smart 4 Mini Android Phone

Vodafone Smart 4 Mini Android Phone- Cheap SmartphoneVery cheap, exclusive to Vodafone android mini Smartphone. If you want a cheap mobile phone that has lots of features but you can’t afford, or just don’t want an iPhone or something with a high price tag, then the Vodafone Smart 4 Mini is a really good choice for the price. It even looks a bit like an older generation iPhone! It has a lot of features, so for £35 it is a real bargain. Reviews are excellent. So what can it do and what’s under the hood..

Well it has a 4 inch screen with great resolution for this cheap price, a fast 1.3 GHz Dual core processor, Android 4.2.2 (Jellybean), 3G compatible, 512mb RAM, 4GB internal storage, Android 4.2.2 (Runs really well), MicroSD slot, MP3/MP4 Player, Radio, 3MP camera, Touchscreen, 3.5mm headphone jack, loudspeaker, Bluetooth, Google Play, Facebook and Twitter Pre-Installed, and it comes with a Vodafone PAYG sim card. That might change any day soon but to buy a PAYG Vodafone SIM card for this phone only costs around £1 or less anyway. So no big deal.

The Smart 4 also has built-in WiFi, which by accounts of many customer reviews is pretty good. It also has built-in GPS so using things like map apps is possible with this phone. The Vodafone Smart 4 Mini can take up to a 32GB memory card, but a few reviewers state that they put in larger MicroSD cards. One user put in a 128GB card and it worked fine.

Battery life is decent depending on how much you use the phone in terms of running many Apps and programs, 3G etc. It looks, operates, and performs like a £70+ phone. If you want the latest Smart Mini model, I believe that is the Smart 7 mini. But be aware, reviews are not as good for the newer models.

Want this phone but not on the Vodafone network? It can be unlocked for £0.99. Excellent phone for the price. Available in Black or White. The SAR level for such a feature rich smart phone is also good at 0.66 W/kg. Great as a cheap upgrade or gift.

Windows 4G Smartphone Without Contract

Cheapest-Windows-4G-LTE-Smartphone-Without-ContractLooking for the cheapest Windows Smartphone with 4G capability, and with no contract? You got it. For the price the BLU Win JR Smartphone is one of the best, feature packed phones you will find anywhere in the UK within this ridiculously low price range. For £35, I don’t know how they do it. It’s literally got everything. Usually, with a Smartphone that has so many features, and an accompanying price tag that seems suspicious, intuition is mostly correct and they end up being totally useless in every department.

Bad build quality and very slow to respond. But this one shines where most fall very short. Fair enough, it’s not going to out perform a Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z3 or iPhone X, but the huge difference in price makes the BLU Win JR a serious option to consider if you’re on a very tight budget and want a phone that has all the features that the top Smartphones have. Just not the refinement or overall high quality finish. The phone comes SIM Free and unlocked to all networks. Perfect as a replacement / upgrade, or as a gift.

BLU Win JR Smartphone Specification


  • Snapdragon Quad-Core (4 x 1.2GHz Processors) Adreno 306 GPU
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Operating System
  • 4.5 Inch IPS (In-plane switching) Screen
  • 5MP Camera with LED Flash
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB built-in Storage Space (UK Model)
  • Dual SIM Card Capable (Can use two SIMs at the same time)
  • 3G & 4G (4G LTE)
Comes complete with free Headphones, USB Cable for data + charging, Protective Case and Screen Protector.

What do the reviews say?

The reviews are heavily positive. Most buyers are pleasantly surprised at the overall quality and features this phone has for such a cheap price. However, there are a few negative points. The phone does not come with a mains charger, only a USB cable to charge the phone. Also, there’s not as many Apps available for Windows phones compared to Apple and Android. The camera quality is middle of the road. And a few reports of general problems like freezing, operating system annoyances. But overall reviews are good. A few niggles are to be expected, but this is a great 4G Smartphone for the price. It's currently on sale for £35 but that’s a deal which is running on Amazon (Ends very soon). After that it goes back up to £50.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Gold SIM Free

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G925F UK ModelUsually, this website mostly talks about cheap, basic, and sometimes even retro phones. However, one of the most-anticipated Smartphones of the last few years has sparked a lot of attention lately and buyers are wondering if it is a purchase worthy of all the high praised reviews and significant money outlay. For Smartphone lovers it could very well be. However, with the S9 Note having already been released and on sale for a few months now, most people will roll with the times and opt for the newer model. But unless, you get one on Contract, they are expensive to buy SIM Free.

From innovative design to exclusive features, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G925F Smartphone promises to meet the ever-growing high expectations of buyers. This phone is not only pleasing on the eye with its classy, cutting "edge" design, pardon the pun, but also delivers high-performance, thanks to its super high specification. Some might consider this model as old school now, but for someone like me, who doesn't even own a Smartphone, it is still very advanced.

A lot has been said and written about this phone, but what are the exact reasons that make the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G925F stand out from the rest of the newer phone releases. Well, there are many. But does it really rule the roost? When you look at phones like the Huawei Mate 8, the Edge, and even the newer S7, have got some serious competition on their hands. I mean, Kirin 950 Processor (With some A72 Cores), 4GB RAM, and Mali-T880, that thing is seriously powerful. Or how about the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.. That’s not to say the specification of the Edge G925F isn’t superb, but there are other choices to be had.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G925F (UK Model) Smartphone Specification

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G925F has the Android Lollipop Operating System installed, which by this stage almost everyone, especially Galaxy fans and Android Tablet owners, will be very familiar with. If you’re not, it doesn’t take much to master the extremely easy to use menu and navigation system. This is also upgradable to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). The Quad HD, Super AMOLED screen is next level. It’s so clear and vivid, the clarity is amazing.

Internally Integrated is 64 GB of storage capacity (32GB and 128GB are also available) and a generous 3GB of RAM, therefore giving you the option to save a lot of data, like music, photos, video etc, without quickly hitting the space limit. Of course, the S6 Edge is 3G and 4G compatible.

The Octa-core Processor in this phone (Exynos 7420 Octa) consists different Cores. 4 of them @ 2.1 GHz and the other four @ 1.5 GHz. Two different Cortex’s are also used. A57 and A53. The Exynos 7420, coupled with 3GB RAM and the Mali-T760MP8 Graphics Processor, it makes this a lean, mean, multi-tasking machine! This is no golden oldie, it’s blazingly responsive.

The phone offers exceptional quality in both front and rear cameras. The dual cameras feature high-resolution and impressive sharpness, allowing you to capture clear and gorgeous pictures no matter where you are or which setting you are using. It also offers geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection and panorama like any other android phone. The 16 mega pixel rear camera and 5MP front camera (for selfies + group shots) allow LED flash and dual video call, respectively.

Among its additional key features, the phone includes TouchWiz user interface, fingerprint sensor and also active noise cancelling with the help of a dedicated microphone. And, this is not all. The best thing about the device’s dual edge screen is that it allows you to swipe the edge to check for notifications, etc.

You can keep email, messaging and social media applications even more handy by using this feature. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.. Missed calls from special contacts you assign (by colour coding), and if that wasn’t enough, the “Edge” of the phone can even show the time and amount of battery life remaining from a side view.

The S6 G925F has got you covered. You want GPS, you got it. In this device you have A-GPS (Uses Satellite and Phone Tower technology), GLONASS (Russian version) and BeiDou (Owned by China). As well as Bluetooth, we also see NFC in this device. Similar to Bluetooth but much quicker to pair / connect and more secure over a shorter distance.

A slightly larger capacity battery (2600mAh) has been put into the Edge, beating the normal S6 (VI) by 50mAh. Regardless of the newer models, the S6 Edge is still widely considered as one of the best Smartphones. It’s refined, powerful, and ticks so many boxes in a world that now demands a constant virtual connection. Available in White, Gold, Black and even Green if you can find one for sale. The Plus model has been out for a good for years now, and going on the reviews appears to be a good successor to the normal Edge.

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