Windows 4G Smartphone Without Contract

Cheapest-Windows-4G-LTE-Smartphone-Without-ContractLooking for the cheapest Windows Smartphone with 4G capability, and with no contract? You got it. For the price the BLU Win JR Smartphone is one of the best, feature packed phones you will find anywhere in the UK within this ridiculously low price range. For £35, I don’t know how they do it. It’s literally got everything. Usually, with a Smartphone that has so many features, and an accompanying price tag that seems suspicious, intuition is mostly correct and they end up being totally useless in every department.

Bad build quality and very slow to respond. But this one shines where most fall very short. Fair enough, it’s not going to out perform a Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z3 or iPhone X, but the huge difference in price makes the BLU Win JR a serious option to consider if you’re on a very tight budget and want a phone that has all the features that the top Smartphones have. Just not the refinement or overall high quality finish. The phone comes SIM Free and unlocked to all networks. Perfect as a replacement / upgrade, or as a gift.

BLU Win JR Smartphone Specification


  • Snapdragon Quad-Core (4 x 1.2GHz Processors) Adreno 306 GPU
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Operating System
  • 4.5 Inch IPS (In-plane switching) Screen
  • 5MP Camera with LED Flash
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB built-in Storage Space (UK Model)
  • Dual SIM Card Capable (Can use two SIMs at the same time)
  • 3G & 4G (4G LTE)
Comes complete with free Headphones, USB Cable for data + charging, Protective Case and Screen Protector.

What do the reviews say?

The reviews are heavily positive. Most buyers are pleasantly surprised at the overall quality and features this phone has for such a cheap price. However, there are a few negative points. The phone does not come with a mains charger, only a USB cable to charge the phone. Also, there’s not as many Apps available for Windows phones compared to Apple and Android. The camera quality is middle of the road. And a few reports of general problems like freezing, operating system annoyances. But overall reviews are good. A few niggles are to be expected, but this is a great 4G Smartphone for the price. It's currently on sale for £35 but that’s a deal which is running on Amazon (Ends very soon). After that it goes back up to £50.

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