Samsung B7350 Omnia Windows Smartphone

Samsung-B7350-old-windows-Smart-mobile-phoneThe Samsung B7350 Omnia Smartphone is classed as quite old these days. Even considered as retro by some people. It’s quite a wide phone, like a Blackberry, but in this day and age what Smartphone isn’t either big or wide. Some people call them remote controls. The Samsung B7350 was first introduced in 2010. That means it has the Windows Mobile 6.5 Operating System. Whilst not the best operating system out there in 2019, it’s not all that bad. And for someone wanting a cheap phone that has a huge amount of programs and features, you could do a hell of a lot worse than a Samsung B7350. In general, user reviews are pretty good.

This phone is basically a mini-office in your pocket, a low-priced business phone. It comes complete with Microsoft Word PowerPoint, Outlook Mobile, and Excel. It also has a decent 3.2 Megapixel camera, MP3, MP4 player, FM Radio, GPS, BlueTooth, MicroSD card slot, and WiFi (3G). Not forgetting the Qwerty Keyboard layout, and also the capability to be able to play games like Need For Speed Shift on this phone. The Samsung B7350 Omnia phone takes a mini sim card, not a nano or micro, so nice and easy. Just pop your mini sim into the phone and you’re good to go. It also has a normal 3.5mm headphone jack making it easy and convenient to listen to music or easily pop in a different set of headphones.

Another good feature with this phone is that it can be charged from the USB data cable, so there’s no need to have to buy or hunt down a specific charger for the phone. The data cable for this phone is available to buy on eBay for £0.99 with free postage in the UK. Of course, if the phone comes with a charger then great. If it doesn’t it’s really not a big deal. Just buy the data cable for a couple of quid.

For such a feature packed phone the battery life is surprisingly good. Of course, if you buy a second-hand phone then the battery won’t all that great depending on it’s age. However, with a new battery the Samsung B7350 can have up to 500 hours stand by time and around 8 – 9 hours talk time. The SAR level is actually pretty good too for a phone with so many features. SAR Level: 0.64 W/kg (UK).

One of the best things about this phone is the price. A second-hand Samsung B7350 can be snapped up from between £14.99 – £25 on eBay. A brand new one will set you back a considerable amount more. But for the price of a second-hand one, if this is the phone you are looking for, you’d be crazy not to buy one at that price. Great feature filled business phone for a very low price. This phone is a hidden gem.

You can buy this phone in bulk at wholesale prices, but most are reproductions shipping from China so it’s wise to steer clear or lose your money because of them being seized by customs, and then later destroyed for being Branded reproductions. If you can find them being sold in bulk within the UK or Europe then that would be worth considering. Websites like Gsm Exchange and Cellpex are probably your best bet. It’s shocking to see what the phone recycle company’s offer to pay for a Samsung B7350!

The highest price found was £4.00 (Mazuma Mobile). Second place was £0.50. Then on other recycle websites the prices ranged from around £0.25 to £0.05! Depending on condition. Wow. The cheek! Even for a brand new Samsung B7350, the price one site would pay was just £0.28. lol. I’m surprised that anyone at all actually uses the phone recycling companies to sell their unwanted phones to. Their prices are just laughable.

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