Mpow - Anker & TaoTronics Selfie Sticks

Monopod Selfie Sticks are all the rage at the moment. Everyone just loves taking pictures of themselves! Holding the phone at arm’s length just doesn’t cut it anymore. To be fair, they do make it a lot easier to take pictures. More convenience and better image stabilization make the sticks a good purchase when you consider how cheap they are. So, where can you buy a Selfie Stick? I think the real question is, where in 2019 / 2020 does not sell them. What are the best sticks to buy? Well, that depends on what you want and need. See below for a list of highly rated models that are cheap in price.

Pictured: One of the best-selling Mpow Wireless Sticks

There’s not many places that aren’t running with the new trend. Even the pound shop (UK) (Dollar store in the USA) sells them! Although, the quality is pretty good for the price there are much better ones out there, literally costing a few pounds more. And for the few quid more you get some great features, such as Bluetooth, built-in shutter button and a telescopic arm (mini extension pole).

Here is a few shops that sell them in the UK. Currys, Argos, Asda, Primark and even Sainsbury’s. In fact, many of the top high street stores now stock them. Some are stocking good quality Monopods and others not so much. There are a lot of cheaply made, flimsy examples out there. If shopping for one online you would only need to look as far as eBay or Amazon to find many different types for sale. They’re really easy to use. But if your unsure how to set it up check out the quick video below.

Please Note: A lot of these items are plug and play for a large majority of up-to-date Smartphones with cameras (Pair with Bluetooth and that’s it) but some people may need to download an App (Free) from the Google Store to get their stick working.

Two Monopod cheapies for those on a budget

 SAMAR Monopod Selfie Stick

One of the best and highest rated selfie sticks for an extremely low price is the SAMAR Monopod Selfie Stick. It has Bluetooth, extendable arm and a take picture button. The phone holder can house devices of various thickness, and the stick is chargeable via USB (Included). The reviews are mostly excellent, and for the money it is one of the best out there. Great if low on funds.

JETech Wired (No Bluetooth model)

JETech-Wired-iphone-stickThe JETech Wired (pictured) is another cheap one that has impressive reviews across the board. It does not have Bluetooth, but what it does have is a long telescopic arm, a button to press for taking the picture (located on the pole), and a lifetime warranty! A wired model is actually pretty good. Wired only means that your Smartphone is attached by a wire (headphone jack) to the pole itself. It unplugs with ease, so it’s not really much of a hindrance at all. Also, the wired models don’t need to be charged (they have no internal battery).

Slightly more expensive selfie sticks

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money in order to get a really high quality product, the sticks made by Anker (pictured) are really good for what you pay. There are wired and wireless versions. And both models are compatible with a whole host of different sizes mobile phones. Built-in picture-taking button and Bluetooth.

Due to there only being minimal difference in price between the wired and wireless models, most people will opt for the wireless model. Compatible with iPhones (iPhone 7, 8 Plus and X), Samsung Galaxy’s (S8 and S9), and many other Smartphones that use Android. Great products from Anker. Their reviewer rating is extremely high. Almost a full five stars, which speaks for itself.

TaoTronics TT-SH10

TaoTronics TT-SH10 is the most expensive out of this list, but not by much. It is wireless (Bluetooth) and, like some of the other models, has a 32 inch extendable arm so you can take pictures from fairly far away, great for fitting more people (group shots) into the picture. Of course, it also has the shutter button on the pole, and a warranty duration of a year and a half is included. Sounds like a great deal, and it is.


But what makes the TaoTronics models that little bit more special than the rest is the add-ons (accessories) that can be purchased for this item. Those are the Tripod stand and a tiny little remote control.

Although selfie sticks complete with remotes and tripods will work, and are very popular with many other models, they are confirmed to work without fault with the TaoTronics TT-SH10. It’s a triple whammy of products that are regularly purchased together. The combination makes for the ultimate picture-taking experience.

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