Samsung GT-C3590 Flip Phone Review

Samsung-GT-C3590-Silver-Amazon-eBayIf you’re someone who loves the simplicity and compact design of an up-to-date flip phone that, although quite retro in its design by today’s standards, still has it’s fair share of bells and whistles to keep the user entertained, you will more than likely get along well with this upgraded flip phone. The Samsung GT-C3590 is a nice, simple styled phone that is very easy to live with.

There are lot’s of individuals out there that have a Smartphone phobia. Some consider them filled with too many features that they’ll never want or need to use, and others just find them plain annoying with their touch screen this and swipe here that.

Taking into consideration all the technology that’s incorporated into cellphones these days, the GT-C3590 is very much a “Back to basics” mobile phone when using it for “standard” communications, offering a nice, real keypad, with generously sized buttons to dial numbers and type texts on.

The classic flip design makes this phone easy to conceal, and also gives some much welcomed protection from damage to the screen and buttons. And being a flip phone that folds up when not in use it also prevents the phone from accidentally calling people from the phonebook or call logs (dialed + received numbers) when it’s in a pocket or bag. Something that many basic Candy bar style phones and Smartphones suffer from.

Samsung GT-C3590 Flip Phone Specification

  •     Vibrant 2.4 Inch TFT display (262K colours)
  •     Micro SD Slot (Max 32GB)
  •     Micro USB Port
  •     2 Mega Pixel Camera + Video recording
  •     Polyphonic Ringtones (+Downloadable) + Vibrate
  •     Music Player
  •     Loudspeaker
  •     3.5mm headphone jack
  •     Bluetooth
  •     EDGE (Enhanced GPRS)
  •     FM radio
  •     Texts, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
  •     WAP 2.0/xHTML
  •     10 Games Pre-Installed
  •     Pre-Installed Social Media Apps (Facebook etc)
  •     Calendar
  •     Voice Memo
  •     Opera Mini 7 Browser
  •     Alarm
  •     Countdown Timer
  •     Mobile Tracker
  •     Fake Call Feature
  •     Predictive Text
  •     Excellent Battery Life
  •     Weighs under 100 Grams
  •     Low SAR Level: 0.33 W/kg (head and body)

It’s crazy saying that the GT-C3590 is a basic phone because for a “simple” looking, small phone that is easy to use, it does have a lot of features. I mean, look at the list above. Yes, it can even browse the Internet. Although it is not 3G (It’s 2G) compatible and will suck your phone credit dry very quickly if you’re browsing while using PAYG credit. However, the good thing about this phone is that the user doesn’t have to use the “Smartphone” features at all and can quite easily use the basic functions without having the more “Smartphone related” features forced upon them.

Most of the Samsung GT-C3590’s being sold at this time come SIM Free (takes a normal – mini SIM) and unlocked, so will work on most UK networks, excluding the Three Network. Buying this phone brand new is more expensive than it should be in 2019. This is the same as some of the other Samsung models, such as the E-2600. Once upon a time it was actually quite cheap to purchase brand new (I got one for £25), but now, just like the C3590, to buy one that’s never been used, it’s £60+ on most outlets online. Take a look at some of the prices on Amazon.

You would be much better off buying a C3590 that’s been refurbished, or used but in excellent condition as you will save yourself a considerable amount of money. Lot’s for sale on eBay. It’s available in black, red and silver. Overall, this is a great phone for people who want something that’s slim, easy to conceal and easy to use. Another Samsung Flip (Clamshell) Phone well worth considering if you want to buy brand new instead of used is the Samsung E1270. Just bear in mind that it has fewer features than the C3590.

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