Long-CZ Boss Beater V2 Mini Phone

We've seen quite a few miniature mobile phones by Long-CV over the years. This one, the Long-CZ V2 looks quite promising. Don't get your hopes too high though. Yes, it's a tiny novelty phone, and it does have some decent features, but the battery life isn't great, and there are some reports of the phones reliability being a bit hit and miss. This is the case with many of the really small phones, not just the ones made by Long CZ.


However, it is a decent choice if you only want to use it occasionally, like taking it with you on a night out rather than taking your expensive Smartphone, or for "beating the boss", which is the main reason why so many people buy these types of mini phones.

My favourite little phone by Long CZ is the J8. The J9 is also a goodmodel, as is the Zanco Beetle. You can read more about the J8 model here. The Long CZ V2 is apparently made of 99% plastic. So potentially, this model can pass a metal detector depending on how sensitive to metal the detector is.

Video: A closer look at the Long-CZ Version 2 (In hand)

Some of the features of this phone include: 2G (micro SIM), GSM 850/900.1800/1900 (no CDMA) Unlocked to most of the major phone networks, text messaging, Bluetooth, Phonebook, music player, Alarm, Radio (requires a 5 pin earphone connection) and a Voice Changer. It's a shame they didn't build this model with the ability to connect a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, would have made the music and radio features much more convenient.

There are twelve different Foreign languages + 13 types of voice changer . Phone Profiles include: General, Silent, Meeting, Indoor and Outdoor.The standby duration lasts several days. The talk time is approximately 3 hours. All in all not a bad little phone. There's a picture of it on Amazon in comparison next to a throw away lighter. The phone is smaller than the lighter.

Pakistan Looking To Disable SIM Cards Of People Who Refuse Vaccination

Reported by RT: "No jab, no phone: Unvaccinated to have SIM cards blocked, Pakistan’s Punjab govt says". Yes, you read correct. If the people of Pakistan don't get their Covid-19 vaccination within the deadline date set by the Government, they will have their mobile phone SIM card turned off. How's that for bribery. Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous. Whatever happened to having a choice of whether you want to be injected or not. You know, like my body my choice, I'll take it if I want to. What they are attempting to do here is straight up blackmail, and I hope the people of Pakistan revolt to this new measure. It's getting beyond ridiculous now.


But then again, this "straight up blackmail" that I speak of is nothing new, and certainly isn't limited to what we are seeing here with the disabling of SIM cards, or just exclusive to Pakistan. No, since the beginning of this "episode" freedoms and privacy on a worldwide scale have been taken away and are basically being held hostage.

I'm sure you don't need me to list what those are. I mean, the main one is obviously being "locked down" like a prisoner in your own home. That's bad enough. But with how hard Governments are pushing these vaccines, and with Covid-19 having such a high survival rate for those with no underlying health conditions, it really should make one question the desperation from the Governments to get everyone vaccinated. Is it all about keeping you safe? Are they so concerned about your health, or is there a lot more to this than meets the eye.

Pakistan Looking To Disable SIM Cards Of People Who Refuse Vaccination

So, how can indivduals get around this problem. They don't want to take the "vaccine" and their SIM gets turned off. Well, have you ever heard of a burner or unregistered phone / SIM Card? That's what these people will need to do, get their hands on a new unregistered SIM card.

Even though I believe a new law was brought in, where all phones bought after a certain time period have to be registered if buying them online from, say, Amazon, it is still fairly easy to get an unregistered SIM card online. But it is getting harder due to how many companies now require the details of the buyer / new owner, the "activation" of the SIM (see below for a way round this), and also the noting down the trackable IMEI number of the phone itself. So buy some SIMs now if you think you might need them in the future before it gets tougher to obtain them.

Buying a used mobile phone that comes with a SIM Card (or buying a used SIM card on its own) is probably the easiest way to get back up and running. Yes, it will be "registered" or "activated" to someone, but that won't be you. It will more than likely be the previous owner. Some people in the online marketing sectors buy hundreds of SIMs at a time for certain projects (telesales, text marketing etc). In terms of staying completely anonymous, of course it depends on many things.

Such as how you paid for the SIM / Mobile phone, where was it posted to, who's name is on the account used for purchase. If you want to remain totally anonymous, all these and more will need to be taken into consideration. 

However, for the issue of the Government turning off your normal SIM card due to refusal of vaccination, I doubt they will hunt you down when you get a new one, if they even know (not registered to you), so don't worry too much. And what are they going to do, check on you in person every few months to see if you have a new phone / SIM.

Really, Governments who follow Pakistan's lead in trying to enforce this draconian law are really shooting themselves in the foot. You see, along with the Internet itself, the Smartphone is the biggest and most successful tool for tracking, surveillance, behavioral science and social engineering that has ever existed. Since most Smartphones are now Internet connected, It's now also took the number one spot for propaganda, which was previously held for many years by the te-lie-vision.

So, imagine if many countries try and follow the Pakistan Governments lead, but to their surprise the scare tactics don't work and people say - I'm not having the jab, here you are, here's my SIM Card, turn it off or whatever you want to do with it, I won't have a phone anymore. 

Let's say if millions of people called the Governments bluff and done this in each country. Do you really think the Governments would see that as a success... No, their scare tactics didn't work, It's a total failure. As soon as they discover that people are throwing their phones away by the thousands, or being happy using them with no SIM, those plans would be scrapped immediately.

They didn't succeed in getting the people who won't be blackmailed jabbed, and now they can't even monitor them, or push endless social engineering, political correctness and propaganda in order to control, condition and ultimately enslave them.

The people who resist are actually better off without a Smartphone, as they are then no longer a slave to the one thing, in pocket form, that almost everyone in this world feels they can not live without. The level of dependency is off the scale, and Governments (and the think tanks, secret societies and elite families that guide and control them) know this. Which is why they are threatening to take this away from people. It seems like a very desperate, almost laughable attempt to get people to conform. They have shown their hand.

I could write on about many different issues related to this, and about how the Governments, and the people who operate their strings use the media (which they also have total control of) to purposely put out articles and videos to use as measuring sticks for gauging public opinion to their upcoming plans. And how they use these media pieces as secret polls to see if the public will go along with the next stage of their own enslavement, or whether they need to package it differently and attack from another angle in order to fool the public into accepting their plans under the guise of a perceived threat or something good for all. But I won't.

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