Long-CZ Boss Beater V2 Mini Phone

We've seen quite a few miniature mobile phones by Long-CV over the years. This one, the Long-CZ V2 looks quite promising. Don't get your hopes too high though. Yes, it's a tiny novelty phone, and it does have some decent features, but the battery life isn't great, and there are some reports of the phones reliability being a bit hit and miss. This is the case with many of the really small phones, not just the ones made by Long CZ.


However, it is a decent choice if you only want to use it occasionally, like taking it with you on a night out rather than taking your expensive Smartphone, or for "beating the boss", which is the main reason why so many people buy these types of mini phones.

My favourite little phone by Long CZ is the J8. The J9 is also a goodmodel, as is the Zanco Beetle. You can read more about the J8 model here. The Long CZ V2 is apparently made of 99% plastic. So potentially, this model can pass a metal detector depending on how sensitive to metal the detector is.

Video: A closer look at the Long-CZ Version 2 (In hand)

Some of the features of this phone include: 2G (micro SIM), GSM 850/900.1800/1900 (no CDMA) Unlocked to most of the major phone networks, text messaging, Bluetooth, Phonebook, music player, Alarm, Radio (requires a 5 pin earphone connection) and a Voice Changer. It's a shame they didn't build this model with the ability to connect a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, would have made the music and radio features much more convenient.

There are twelve different Foreign languages + 13 types of voice changer . Phone Profiles include: General, Silent, Meeting, Indoor and Outdoor.The standby duration lasts several days. The talk time is approximately 3 hours. All in all not a bad little phone. There's a picture of it on Amazon in comparison next to a throw away lighter. The phone is smaller than the lighter.

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