How To Get 5 Pound Free Credit On GiffGaff

So, how do you get the free £5 worth of credit with the GiffGaff network. Well, all you have to do is get your hands on the free SIM card (You can do that below - UK, Europe, India and many other countries), activate it (does require an initial top up of £10), and then enjoy your £15 pounds worth of credit.


Where can I get a free GiffGaff SIM card with £5 from?


Just request one from the official GiffGaff website - Request one here.



I need a certain size SIM, can I choose the size?

GiffGaff SIM cards are supplied in all sizes (3 SIMs in 1). Normal (Standard), Micro and Nano. There is no need to request a certain size because the SIM card you receive will be lightly pre-cut, ready for you to snap out from its surrounding plastic to the size you need.



Are GiffGaff Free SIM cards available to International users?

Yes. A Free GiffGaff SIM card can be ordered internationally here. They work in most countries, and many people worldwide are moving to over GiffGaff due to their excellent plans, most of which offer very generous amounts of minutes, free texts and data. Please check out the Goodybag options for the best deals.

How long does GiffGaff take to deliver a SIM?

Depending on where you are in the world, delivery can take approximately 3 - 10 days. GiffGaff is a great choice for those who want a simple, flexible, less intrusive phone plan that offers a good variation of plans and tariffs to suit anyones budget. With no contract to worry about, SIM only Goodybag deals offer the best value for money, and they start at just £6. However, two of the best deals right now, as of late July 2021, are the £10 and £12 per month Goodybags.

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