"Dumb Phone" With The Best Torch Light

What is the best dumb phone [normal mobile phone] if what you're after is an excellent torch light. But first, hold on. A "Dumb" phone, as in a non-smartphone, is actually the best phones you can own. A lot of people are starting to realize this and are making the transition back over to a standard phone. Thankfully, I don't have to make that transition as I have never owned a Smartphone, and never will.


Excellent Torch: The Samsung B2100 [on GiffGaff / O2]


Okay, with that out the way, what is a non-smartphone that has a really good torch light. I don't know which one is the best, because I haven't used every standard phones torch, but in my own experience the Samsung B2100 has the best torch light out of all the mobile phones I have used. It's the phone I currently use.

And if the phone broke I would no doubt buy another one in used but good condition. Good all round phone, very tough, and waterproof! Perfect for someone like me. Sadly, the B2100 can't be bought brand new anymore [unless you can find one on eBay], it's no longer in production.

The most impressive feature about the torch for me is that its not like the light on most smartphones, where they have an even spread of light. No, the light on the Samsung B2100 has a good spread, but also has a stronger point at the end that can be angled to get that little bit of extra targetted light that's sometimes needed to shine on something far away, or something close for more clarity etc.

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