GiffGaff Goodybag Use In Europe [Full Country List]

These days it can be overwhelming with how much choice we have at every turn and choosing a mobile network is no exception. In a perfect world we would all like the most (texts/minutes/data) for the least amount of money. Sadly this is not always the case. Maybe you've tried many of the most popular networks available in your country but have had negative experiences with drops in signal, or expensive bills without much in return. Perhaps one of the best networks is not yet massively popular in your country against the already well established networks of the past.


Pictured: The Standard Goodbags GiffGaff Currently Offer


GiffGaff has been running since 2009. Started in the UK they are owned by both Virgin Media and O2 in a 50/50 split & run on the same network as the goliath O2. They are known as the network by the people for the people with a huge focus towards community outreach & are often open to try new things as suggested by the customer base. 

GiffGaff works internationally meaning it will run in almost every country on the planet, however many countries such as Hong Kong or The United States of America would only support it in roaming mode, allowing you to buy airtime to top-up. This would mean you wouldn't be able to take advantage of the 'Goodybags' GiffGaff offer which is arguably one of the strongest selling points of the network.
The Golden Goodybags - Get yours here

Luckily there are many countries in Europe that do support Goodybags & so below we've compiled a list of countries able to run Giffgaff natively, just like the United Kingdom, being able to use Goodybags for a cheap monthly plan with no permanent contract to tie you down. Meaning you can cancel or upgrade your plan month to month.
Signing up for free gives you access to the whole range of Goodybags, including the Golden plans. Existing phone numbers can be kept / transferred .
 The list of countries that support the Goodybag plans are as follows:

  • Austria (Österreich)
  • Belgium (België, Belgique, Belgien)
  • Bulgaria (Bulgariya, България)
  • Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Cyprus (Κύπρος Kıbrıs) 
  • Czech Republic (Česko, Czechia)
  • Denmark (Danmark)
  • Estonia (Eesti)
  • Finland (Suomi)
  • France (République française)
  • French Guiana 
  • Germany (Deutschland)
  • Gibraltar (Llanitos, Yanitos)
  • Greece (Hellas Ελλάς)
  • Guadeloupe 
  • Hungary (Magyarország)
  • Iceland (Ísland)
  • Ireland (Éire)
  • Italy (Italia)
  • Latvia (Latvia)
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania (Lietuva)
  • Luxembourg (Luxemburg, Lëtezebuerg)
  • Malta
  • Martinique 
  • Mayotte 
  • Netherlands (Nederland, Nederlân, Holland)
  • Norway (Norge)
  • Poland (Polska) 
  • Portugal (República Portuguesa)
  • Réunion
  • Romania (România)
  • San Marino 
  • Slovakia (Slovensko)
  • Slovenia (Slovenija)
  • Spain (España, Espanya, Espainia)
  • Sweden (Sverige) 

Sign up for your free SIM Card here

To start using a Goodybag in Europe, first you need to get your GiffGaff SIM card - Sign up for free above and you will be sent a new SIM in the post. There is no charge for this. And don't worry, you can keep your old number too, just follow the instructions that come with your SIM.
If you're a resident of either of the aforementioned countries, Giffgaff could very well be the mobile network operator for you. With each Goodybag including unlimited calls & texts; whether you purchase the cheapest standard £6 plan or the most expensive Golden £35 plan the only difference is the amount of data you receive per month, the latter being unlimited (also the Golden plans allow use of the 5G network whereas the standard plans support 4G & below).You can also get £5 free credit when you join GiffGaff - Read more about that here.

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