Changes To GiffGaff EU Roaming

European roaming is set to take a hit soon with GiffGaff announcing they will be cutting their usual 20GB free roaming for UK users down to 5GB. This is due to "interconnect costs" and will come into force on 9th August 2022.


5GB is still better than nothing, and if users monitor their data more carefully, going on GiffGaff's claim that in 2019 90% of their users gobbled up less than 5GB when roaming in the EU on a monthly basis, the majority of people should still remain below the free limit. Any usage over the free 5GB will be charged at 10 Pence for each extra MegaByte used.

Other providers have done the same. Tesco are also going to be charging users for EU roaming, which comes into force in January 2023. And Sky Mobile's EU roaming charges for UK customers are already in force since May 2022.

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