Punkt Alternative Light Phone 2 Update

The Punkt "Dumb Phones", which cost just as much as a good Smartphone to buy now have some decent alternatives. Punkt are terrible anyway. If you're not aware, there are quite a few different types of expensive minimalistic hip-style dumb phones now available for sale to cater for those who just can't bring themselves to go all the way and use a normal old school basic phone like a Nokia 3310 or Nokia 8210.

One of those is the Light Phone. The model talked about below is the second generation more reliable Light Phone 2. It has recently been updated. The key areas the update focused on are as follows. New storage options, copy and paste, spell check capability, several alarms, directions improvements and hotspot as a tool.

While I am against spending a big chunk of money on any hyped up dumb phone because a normal basic phone will do the job, the updated Light Phone 2 isn't actually that bad. However, the price tag is definitely on the steep side. And with a battery life of just one to two days, for such a minimal "light" phone, wow, that is extremely bad. Head SAR level is also high @ 1.20 W/kg. Save some money and get yourself  something else, like a Samsung B2100 Tough phone. That's what I use.

It's got a good torch, makes and receives calls + texts, has 5 alarms, a countdown timer, stopwatch, SD slot and the battery life is excellent. What more do you need if you're looking to do a cold turkey from your Smartphone addiction. I know there's a lot of people from the UK who want to know where they can find the Light Phone 2 for sale. Amazon does not appear to stock this model at this time.

There are two main places. Those are eBay UK and the official Light Phone website [thelightphone.com]. eBay is your best bet in the UK, but do make sure the seller and the phone is located in the UK to avoid having to pay import taxes and to get the correct phone model etc.

All light phone II's going through eBay auctions get a lot of attention, so be prepared to bid quite high, even for phones that are slightly faulty. The official website ships to the United Kingdom, but due to the company shipping from the USA, or direct from their manufacturer, this may come with sales tax, VAT, and customs or duty charges.

Also be aware of their returns policy. It's not very flexible. At this time thelightphone.com only accept returns for items with manufacturer defects.

People located in the UK will need the Light Phone 2 International model [TLP202]. The International model works with Vodafone, Three, BT and GiffGaff. Sadly O2 and EE [That would most probably mean Orange and T-Mobile] are not compatible. However you may be able to get the phone unlocked to all networks, but there is no guarantee.

If that doesn't work and you really want the phone, you can always just transfer your phone number [SIM] to another mobile network carrier [listed above] that is compatible with the Light Phone 2 International model. Note: This phone takes a Nano size SIM card.

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