Should Towns And Smaller Cities Get 5G?


Vodafone asks the question: Shouldn’t towns and smaller cities benefit from full 5G? Until there is extensive independent testing [no conflicts of interest] on the safety of 5G, it's rollout should be halted immediately. That means stopped everywhere, not just in small towns and mini cities, but in all areas of the UK and the world. 

Do you know how much money has been spent by the big telecom companies on independent testing for 5G? The answer might shock you. Absolutely nothing. Not a penny. If 5G is so safe wouldn't companies like Vodafone be jumping at the chance to prove the technology they are forcing on the public is harmless.


Snake Tongued Sales People - Selling You "The Welfare Of Humanity" Lie

Vodafone and the rest of the players who have huge vested interests in this rollout are always talking up "The benefits of full 5G" and how they want to help get more people in rural areas connected. But how many times do they address the health implications of this technology from the massive amounts of harmful radiation that's beamed out over the UK population from the phone masts.

Less Visibility Doesn't Necessarily Mean Less RF / EMF

Changes to UK planning laws by the Goverment may mean that less brand new phone masts will be needed to be installed. Instead, upgrades to existing infrastructure will be carried out, with no planning permission required. However, this is only beneficial in one way, and that is on the eyes. The visual impact. Less new phone masts means less of an eye sore, yes that's true. 
But sadly, less new phone towers does not mean less radiation. The upgrading of existing infrastructure [phone masts] means they will be made larger in size and have a much more powerful signal strength.  This means more, or the same amount of harmful radiation.

So, as a rough estimation this could mean one tower that's been super boosted to an extremely high signal strength so it can single-handedly cover a very large area is basically the same as having approximately 5 - 10 normal sized phone masts in different locations.

This is potentially even more dangerous for the people who live in close proximity to one of these "improved" super towers.

Dress It Up Nice: Whatever You Need To Hear

Hypothetically; would you live inside a microwave oven that gets turned on full blast 50 times a day if I told you that, potentially, inside the microwave you could get a download speed of 1TB a second free of charge. 
But there's one problem, you can't leave the microwave. There's no escape. That's the new home for you and your family. Don't worry its totally safe. I know you've read a few stories online that it could be dangerous, but trust me, I've been in the microwave oven industry for 30 years, the stories are fake. Written by conspiracy theory nutjobs.

Now, if you said yes to the deal of free 1TB internet / download speeds, would you still say yes if I told you the truth. That truth being, the download speed will be around 1TB per second as stated, but you or one of your family members will probably become extremely ill within say six - twelve months. And, it's possible that they may die.

Would you still go for the deal. Would you trade your family's or your own health for better connectivity. And what does it say about me if I sold you on the quick download speed, or any other selling point that I knew you would find hard to resist but never told you about the potential health risks, even though I was fully aware of them.
I even told you it was completely safe. Would you say I was a trustworthy man with good morals who had your best interests at heart.

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