Get a Free Giffgaff SIM With £10 credit

How to get a free GiffGaff SIM with £10 free credit. There is a special deal going on at the moment where if a new customer signs up to GiffGaff by ordering a free SIM card they get £10 free credit once they activate their SIM. Normally its £5. This deal is valid throughout the whole month of August 2022. It's a good time to join.

What do I have to do

All you need to do is join GiffGaff. It's free. If you want £10 for joining instead of £5, sign up here.


GiffGaff recently announced a cut to their European free roaming data allowance for UK customers, from 20GB to 5GB. So this new offer of more free credit for a limited time should, hopefully, counteract that loss a bit. At least for new customers.


Can I keep my old number if I join

Yes. You can keep your normal phone number when you make the switch over. All you need to do is contact you current mobile network provider and ask them for your PAC number. The PAC [Porting Authorisation Code] number can then be used in your account on the Giffgaff website to request your phone number be transferred over. This process shouldn't take long. For most people it will take between 1 - 3 days.

Google Pixel 6a Comparison Video

Should you buy the new Google Pixel 6a. There is lot's of hype surrounding this new release. But is it the right phone for your needs. The comparison video compares two other Smartphones of a fairly similar price and specification next to the 6a. Those are: The Nothing Phone 1 and the Samsung Galaxy A53 [5G].

Phones compared in the video are available below:

Google Pixel 6a [United Kingdom]

The Nothing Phone 1

Samsung Galaxy A53 [5G]

Many people are clambering over each other trying to get their orders in early, pre-ordering etc. But really, there is no rush. This model is set to be more widely available than the previous model, so it shouldn't be too hard to purchase a 6a after the initial hype has eased down a little.

Some factual spec hashtags for the 6a: #andriod12 #6gbRAM #128GBstoragespace #4410mAhbattery #8megapixelfrontcamera #6.1-inchscreen #dualrear12.2megapixelcameras #sonycamerasensors #tensorchip #AI #2internalspeakers #bluetooth5.2 #wifi6 wifi6e #titanM2 #NOwirelesscharging

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